Dropshipping has emerged as one of the finest businesses models for the online store owners who have just made their way into the e-commerce industry. The main reason behind this is that dropshipping is an easy business to start, usually low cost, and offers lowest risk. 

Drop shipping enables the entrepreneurs to sell different items without any need to carry inventory. The manufacturer of those items develops, packages, and then ships the items to your customer with your name. It is a low maintenance business model.

If you have just stepped foot in the drop shipping business, don’t worry because there is no rocket science that you need to master. There are relatively less challenges in this field. Dropshipping is newer concept which allows the business owners buy products from a wholesaler and ship them to the customers. 

This is a useful method which terminates any need of a physical store. Also, it prevents from purchasing bulk inventory. Are you new to drop shipping, and struggling to find success? Don’t worry, we have come up with dropshipping tips for beginners in 2019. Follow these tips to lead yourself to a successful drop shipping business.

1- Focus on Branding and Marketing

Keep in mind, “Marketing is the money maker”. With the automation of numerous aspects of drop shipping, you have much time to focus on branding and marketing. Other than tweaking a website, and designing graphics and logo, marketing needs your specific attention. Spend some time to learn mastering ads, and growing traffic on your store.

Search engine optimization and ads greatly assist in driving traffic at your site. Many ecommerce stores have a conversion rate of 1-2% which means if you have lower than hundreds visitors on your store, you won’t get any sales. More traffic means more chances of getting sales. 

If you focus on ads and SEO, you can drive maximum traffic on your store in a short span of time. It is necessary to rank your site high on search engines. SEO, blogging and optimization would assist you in enhancing audience at a low cost. 

So, try to spend some money on ads, but don’t ignore SEO. It is a crucial step in your way to become a successful dropshipper. Hence, make sure to give your 100% when it comes to marketing and branding.

2- Initiate a Gigantic Offer

An advantageous dropshipping tips is to initiate an amazing offer. You would never want to be a store owner who badly fails in including bundles or sales. If there is no sale on any of your products, you will fail to attract, encourage or motivate the customers to purchase your items. 

But, if you successfully present the products with useful deals, you will be likely to increase sales and gather early success in your dropshipping business.

The bundle deals work quite well for dropshippers. While initiating a bundle deal, try to focus on selling more of the similar products. For instance, if you are selling knives, your bundle must include more knives. In case the people love the knives, they would definitely want more of them. 

The most difficult part in the drop shipping business is to convince the customers to purchase the items. However, a handsome deal would definitely encourage them. There are certain examples of such bundle deals. 

For example, you can give a specific discount if your customers buys five similar items. For example if you are selling knives, you can give a 10% discount if the customer purchases 5 pieces of a knife.

3- Never Settle on a Single Supplier

This is one of the most crucial tips on this list. Don’t just restrict yourself to one supplier because if you limit yourself to one supplier, you would be landing in a huge trouble. That one supplier may at a certain time discontinue an item that you are best selling. 

Or, he may sell it out unexpectedly. Make sure to engage with maximum number of suppliers. If you are in contract with more number of suppliers for one product, you will be never short of that product. Also, you can choose the best product among them to sell to your best customers. 

Similarly, if a new customer demands the product, you can choose that best product as a sample. Another key advantage of choosing maximum number of suppliers is that you have a great selection of products to choose from. 

For this purpose, perform some research to identify the alternative suppliers. So, try to interact with maximum distributors, wholesale suppliers in order to be a successful dropshipper.

4- Pay Attention to Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is an essential step in every business. Whether you are a part of any industry, you must keep an eye on the competition. As you are well aware that dropshippers are increasing day by day. Whether you choose any product, you would face a tough competition. 

Try to pay attention to your competitors to know what they are doing and how they are doing. This would enable you to learn some new tactics and get some fresh ideas. Pay attention on what they are advertising on social media and other platforms. 

Staying updated with the competition would help you with product ideas in the future, branding, pricing and positioning etc. In addition, it would provide you instant insight into your intended audience.

5- Be a Niche Store, Not General

To be honest, the stores that work on pure experimentation as a general store often fail. They still need to develop separate product categories for a better browsing. Remember, you are completely working on the internet, and you don’t have your own physical store. 

Hence, it is better to choose a niche than a general store. The most successful stores worldwide started as niche stores, and Amazon is a great example. Amazon initiated as an online bookstore, but later expanded as a general store that sells almost everything.

Choose a niche wisely by first performing a research on products that have a high demand. For example, you can either initiate a store that sells self defense weapons or a store that sells knives and swords, or a store selling airsoft guns. But, make sure to choose a niche, rather than a general store. 

Hence, these were some crucial tips that you must follow in order to become a successful dropshipper. There is no chance if you ignore any of these. Drop shipping is not that easy, to be honest, so take every step carefully. However, follow these Dropshipping tips for beginners , and we wish you Good Luck with your dropshipping business.