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All Japanese swords have always been admired by almost all sword lovers. Katana swords, however, are the most appreciated ones among them. The length is the versatility of this sword attracts the buyers to invest in this weapon without any hesitation.

There are several other reasons behind the record-breaking popularity of these swords. The next section of this article sensibly throws light on the 5 most important factors that beginners should consider while buying these ancient swords.

Some Reasons Behind the Popularity of Katana Swords

These swords have a rich history and are among the most favored weapons of samurai warriors. They have continued to maintain their fame and worth even in today's world where a huge variety of other most expensive samurai katana swords are available.

The reasons behind this popularity are discussed below.

  • Length of the Swords:

The only troublesome feature of the Japanese swords was their length. They were either too short or too long. This issue made it difficult for the samurai warriors to use or carry them sometimes.

The introduction of Katana Swords relieved them of this stress. It is because these are probably the only Japanese swords that feature a moderate length.

The usual length of these swords ranges from 60 to 73 cm. I am sure most of you are unaware of this interesting fact.

  • Way of Wearing the Sword:

Surprisingly, unlike every other type of Japanese swords, these swords were worn with its cutting edge upwards. This was not a usual way and thus, it contributed a lot in multiplying the popularity of these phenomenal swords.

Here, it must be clarified that is was not just an ordinary style of wearing these. There was rather a strong logic behind it. Most of the Samurai Warriors claimed that wearing this sword like this makes it easier for them to draw it out of its sheath.

Isn't it amazing? Even Samurais had a sense of preferring their comfort when it comes to their swordsmen skills.

  • Method of Production:

Traditional and real katana swords are crafted by performing a lengthy, strenuous and challenging process. Modern-day katanas are crafted out in factories within hours but the traditional ones took 6 months to attain their finished look and precision.

I know you must be thinking that 6 months for a single sword is way too much. But time and effort together account for the remarkable abilities that this sword has. Now think about the time taken to produce thousands of katanas during the entire time period of Japanese history.

Stop calculating numerical values, think about the effort and hard work too. Are you already mesmerized?

  • Heat Treatment:

The conventional method of crafting powerful katana swords included differential heat treatment. In this process, the spines and edges of these swords were alternately heated and cooled. The purpose behind it was to make this sword more durable.

Scientific knowledge further confirms this. It states that the strength of its blade and the flexibility of its spine was entirely because of this heat treatment.

These days, even most of the skilled and effort swordsmen have no idea about this technique.

  • Composition the Material of Construction:

For a sword, the composition of the material of its construction matters a lot. It is, in fact, something that accounts for the strength and durability of a sword. Japanese history unveils that in those days there was a trend of crafting weapons with low-carbon steel.

However, while crafting katana swords, swordsmiths discovered that adding carbon impressively improves the strength of the blade. This discovery further led to the invention of high carbon steel. It actually revolutionized the art of making swords.

Few Expert Suggestions for Beginners On Buying Katana Swords:

By now, you must have learned a lot about the unavoidable popularity of fantastic short swords. But do you know that this popularity now serves as a curse for weapon lovers?

The high demand for katanas urged most of the present manufacturers to produce poor quality katanas. This, in turn, greatly harmed its name in the world of sword. Experts are somewhat aware of the right way of choosing katanas.

Nevertheless, beginners mostly face disappointment when they invest in this sword. But you don’t need to settle for low-quality swords anymore.

katana sword

Here are a few expert suggestions for all the beginners out there.

1. Don’t Fall Prey to A Sword's Economical Price:

Beginners are often reluctant to spend their hard-earned money on this weapon. Most of them are also short of money and thus, they choose to opt for the one that doesn't cost too much.

This temptation if saving their money lands them in bigger trouble. They ruthlessly practice various techniques by using this newly purchased sword. Unfortunately, the poor quality of the sword soon betrays them and the sword breaks in two halves.

This lowers the user's morale and he turns down all his desires of ruling over the field of performing arts. This is sad but true.

So, the next time you go for buying katana swords, prepare yodel in yourself to spend generously.

2. Pay Attention to Blade Length:

This article already states that katanas are equipped with a moderate blade length. Hence, most of the beginners are not really aware of this fact. On the other hand, fraudulent manufacturers also don’t bother keeping this fact into consideration.

It is strange but beginners fall prey to the fabricated looks of these swords. They often regret making this purchase later on. Therefore, be aware.

3. Wisely Choose the Manufacturer:

Experts often suggest that it is better to buy this sword from trusted manufacturers. The best thing is to find and contact authentic swordsmiths.

If none of your family members have ever used these swords, you may contact someone else for assistance. Seek assistance in tracing a traditional swordsmith. It will save you from the regret of investing in a useless katana.

This, the next time you decide to invest in this amazing weapon, please keep these suggestions in mind.

4. Choose the Right Type:

Katanas are now available in a number of forms and types. Each one of them has its own worth in the hearts of performers and weapon lovers.

However, one must not forget that each of its types is crafted to serve a different purpose in a man's life. You can’t randomly choose the one that appeals to your eye. In fact, such decisions are made based on your purpose of buying this splendid sword.

Therefore, a better approach is to be clear about why you are investing in this weapon. The rest is then going to get easier for you. If you don’t believe it, you may discuss it with an expert.

5. Check the Flexibility of Its Spine:

A katana that is manufactured in the right way by using the right procedure will definitely exhibit a flexible spine. Most of the experts confidently claim that a katana without a flexible spine is just a replica sword.

And so, if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money, you are advised to check this first. It will surely help you in making a better choice. Here, the strength of its blade must also be tested.

Satisfy yourself by clearing all such doubts. Otherwise, the manufacturer can possibly deceive you with his phenomenal marketing tactics. As a beginner, you can’t afford to practice using an unreliable weapon.

6. Prefer Your Comfort with the Weapon:

If you are buying katana or some other sword, you must check if you are comfortable with the weapon or not. If you are not considered at using that weapon then you must not grab it.

There is obviously no point in buying a weapon that is of no use for you. For this, grab a sword that has successfully passed all the above-mentioned quality tests. And then, try playing a trick with it.

If you are able to use and draw it smoothly and swiftly only, you have chosen the right one. Otherwise, you must buy some other weapons.

The Best Katana Swords:

Experts suggest that if you are actually willing to spend on an original sword, you must consider Hanwei tori elite. It is because this katana sword has a perfect combination of price, quality, sharpness, length, and power.

The Final Words:

Are you interested in buying these swords? So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your favorite katana swords, but don't forget to consider these factors. Otherwise, only you will be responsible for regretting your goofy choice.