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All of us think of cellphones as something through which we call/text someone, play games, take pictures, manage our accounts and some other stuff like that. But did we ever think that they could feature a stun gun too? Cell phone stun guns are not real cellphones of course, but they look like real ones for sure. Are you thinking that what makes them different from regular stun guns? Well, everything except their design. Cell phone stun guns are designed exactly like real cell phones to provide you an edge of concealed weapon over your assailant. Your attacker will be off guard because he/she wouldn’t know about the real identity of the stun gun and you will just have to simply hold it in your hand and press the spikes of the stun gun in your assailant’s skin to make him/her temporarily immobilized. 

Latest Cellphone Stun Guns for Sale

Are you looking for a stun gun that’s hard to be identified by your assailant? If yes, then have a look at our wide range of cell phone stun guns that are disguised as cell phones but are actually very effective stun guns. At Wholesale Blades, we stock the most impressive high voltage stun guns which prove to be quite useful in any self defense situation. We offer latestly designed galaxy stun gun phones, Istun phones and pretender stun gun phones as well. They are designed exactly like the original ones that it becomes really hard to tell, by just having a look at them that whether they are real or not. Some of our cell phone stun guns also come with built-in flashlights to help one out in the darkness and also helps in the identification of attackers. 

These stun guns are easily accessible as you can hold them in your hand without anyone noticing that you are carrying a weapon, whenever you walk through a rough neighborhood or a dark alley. The rechargeable battery system saves your hard earned money to be wasted on buying new batteries after some time. Also, some of our cell phone stun guns come with leather holsters which further makes it easy and convenient to carry them around. So, if you want this smart self defense weapon for yourself, then browse our collection of stylish cell phone stun guns for sale and have your pick now at unbelievably low rates. 

Wholesale Cell phone Stun Guns 

If you are looking for the best wholesaler of cell phone stun guns or even if you are looking for the best dropshipper, then you should definitely do business with us as we are the distributor of the best and exceptional cell phone stun guns. We only require a minimum wholesale order of $25 and also have an amazing wholesale offer for you. Now, if you buy six or more pieces of the same cell phone stun gun from us, you can avail FLAT 20% Off that stun gun. This is the best wholesale offer we provide to our customers as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.
We also offer FREE dropshipping and membership services to our customers who are interested in the dropshipping business. Yes, that is right. Browse our collection of the most impressive cell phone stun guns and avail these offers as soon as possible by making your purchase now at the lowest possible rates. 

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