Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain - Black

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4N2-U009B - The eyes of the cat become finger holes and the ears become spikes when clutched in your hand. Size 3.14 X 1.96 inch
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Prefer a small and easy to carry self defense weapon? This Black Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain is the perfect tool to carry for defense. It is a keychain basically and is designed for self defense purposes. Since it is a keychain, you can attach your keys with it and carry your keys in your pocket. It is small enough to fit perfectly into your pocket. Also, it is comfortable and easy to carry in the pocket. However, it is more than just a keychain. 

This Black Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain is an ideal tool to be used against the attackers for survival. It is shaped like a cat. There are two spikes that form the ears of the cat. Also, there are two eyes that form the holes on it. You can insert a couple of fingers into these holes and make the spikes as knuckles. Now, you can punch the attacker in his face. These deadly spikes will injure his face and serve our survival. 

This Black Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain is a cat brass knuckle and has an ideal size for everyone. The holes are wide and large enough to wear. The overall size of the keychain is 3.14 inches. The finger holes are 0.75 inches. The black color makes it a gorgeous self defense keychain! 


  • Black Cat Key Chain Spikes
  • Overall Size: 3.14 Inches
  • Finger Hole: 0.75 Inches
  • Color: Black

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