Over a month ago, I was out with my friends on a hiking trip. We were hiking up the Pacific Coast trail and were enjoying the remarkable beauties of this trail. We were in one of the many forests that come in this trail. It was day two and a few of us got separated from others and lost our way. Still, it was okay as we were sure that we would find our way back to the others and we also had some food and water supplies with us. 

Little did we know that we were really stuck there and were about to spend a few days there too. We used to build shelters out from twigs and broken wood logs and stay at night in these shelters. One day passed and then the other and we started running out of food supplies. Now that’s when the warning bells started to ring.

Then came the day when we completely ran out of food and that’s when mother nature came to help. Luckily, as we then thought, that we had brought airsoft guns with us so we could play airsoft at time of leisure and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the trail, so apart from the urban area. We decided to hunt small birds with our airsoft gun. 

I saw a squirrel sitting on a tree and being the best shooter among my friends, I decided to hunt the first small game. My BB hit the right target but alas, the hit was not effective and it just scared the bird away. Then we tried with an airsoft rifle having a greater FPS than the previous gun. This time, the bird fell off from the tree. It got injured but was not dead. So, yes airsoft gun did help us catch the birds or injure them but they were not able to perform the actual kill. We had to do that with our knives.

Airsoft gun

What are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are defined as replica guns as they are not real guns but work as real ones. These guns are made of plastic and often fire small plastic bullets called BBs. These are quite safe to use. This is why you see kids often playing with them. However, if you are an adult, should you be playing with them? This is a question many people ask. Airsoft guns are for everyone, simple as that. Yes, kids can have fun with these guns, why not adults? So, my answer is simple, yes, adults should play with these replica guns. They can enjoy every bit of playing airsoft sport. There are a lot of things you can do with these guns. Here are all the reasons why adults should play with airsoft guns! 

Why are Airsoft Guns not Suitable for Hunting?

It is generally not recommended to use airsoft guns to kill small animals i.e. birds as they make use of plastic BBs. Airsoft guns are toys and their primary use is to play airsoft. However, if one ever find the need to kill birds with airsoft guns, then there is always a chance that you will kill the bird and then there is the chance that you simply injure it or even scare it away. Now the result depends on the type of airsoft gun you are using or more specifically, it depends on the FPS of the gun you are using.

An airsoft gun with a greater FPS will, of course, be more useful and effective than a gun with relatively low FPS. Also, the second factor is the type of bird itself. Some birds have tough skins and BBs face more difficulty in penetrating those skins. However, some birds are relatively sensitive and have thin skins and flesh. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to penetrate their skins. 

Also, some small game are tough i.e. squirrels. They are used to such kind of abuse and therefore are more hardcore than other birds. This can also be the reason that they survive airsoft guns.

Generally, it is not considered that birds can be killed with airsoft guns. However, if you shoot on sensitive small birds or you shoot with a gun that has a high rate of FPS or if you target on the sensitive areas of the targeted bird’s head, then there are greater chances that you get successful in killing the bird. Otherwise, you will just end up causing pain to it or injuring it, which is still useful as you will be able to catch the bird and finish it off properly.

However, if you fail to catch it and it flies off, injured then you will cause the bird unnecessary pain. Therefore, it is foolish to hunt birds with airsoft guns. You can use pellet guns which will finish off the bird in one go or you can use a pump air rifle with an FPS of 700. Also firearms especially shotguns are considered the best for hunting birds and you can even hunt small animals i.e. rabbits with it.

How Can You Properly Make Use of Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are quite useful and effective, only if you put them to good use and the right use. Hunting is not the right use of airsoft guns so let’s see what is.


1- Play Airsoft

Airsoft is a very popular sport and was originated in Japan in the 1860s when the government put a ban on the use of real guns because of the rising trend in crimes. Airsoft guns were then developed by the people of Japan as an alternative to real guns. These guns shoot plastic BBs instead of real bullets, as we all know. 

Therefore, we use them to play airsoft in a controlled environment by wearing proper attire. Airsoft is actually mock simulated combat in which people take part. There are many different kinds of airsoft games that one can play. A few of them are Capture the Flag, Team Death match, King of the Hill, Escort, Sniper, and Fortress. Airsoft guns are generally safe, however, it is recommended to wear proper attire i.e. protective glasses and clothes to avoid getting injured or hurt on sensitive areas of the body.

The best thing you can do as an adult is play airsoft games. There are several different airsoft games you can play. These include President, Capture the Flag, Zombie, and many others. All these games are quite interesting and have interesting rules. You will enjoy every split of a second playing these interesting games. So, yes, adults should play with these guns. Get your airsoft guns and start playing airsoft games and have fun!


2- Military and Law Enforcement Training

People use airsoft guns to play airsoft just for the sake of entertainment. However, military and law enforcement bodies use airsoft guns to train themselves on the art of shooting. Airsoft guns are preferred for training as they work just like real guns but are safe and do not cause accidental deaths.

3- Film Industry

Airsoft guns are also used in the film industry as a safe alternative of real guns. All of us have seen those action movies where the hero plunges into action with a gun or a rifle in his hands and takes down his opponents one by one. That gun is definitely not a real gun, rather airsoft or a blank gun that looks like a real one. So yes, we are fooled by Hollywood, folks. Lol.

4- Have Fun and Realistic Shooting Experience

Airsoft guns are fun, and why not have fun if you are an adult? Airsoft guns do provide a lot of fun to adults as well as kids. If you love shooting and are afraid of real firearms, you can enjoy shooting with these replica guns. You can have endless fun and enjoy every split of a second. Also, it provides you a good urge to head outdoors and have fun! 

If you love shooting, what makes you not do it? Well, it is the fear of using real guns, isn’t it? Yes, real firearms can be dangerous so rather use airsoft guns. These replica guns don’t use real bullets, rather they shoot plastic bullets. These are round bullets made of plastic and are too small. Therefore, there is no threat of injuries or anything. Hence, you can rather enjoy shooting than thinking about injuries.

Airsoft gun

5- Test Your Shooting Skills With Target Practice

Want to test your shooting skills? If you want to become a skillful shooter, you have to challenge yourself and know how good you are with your shooting abilities. Build a wooden target and start hitting the target using airsoft guns. Check if you can hit the target more often. You can also include your mates and family to have more fun. Once you start doing that on a regular basis, you can become a skilled shooter. 

Airsoft gun prove to be quite useful for above-mentioned tasks but when it comes to hunting birds, they are not that effective nor useful. Therefore, avoid using them in hunting and use pellet guns, air rifles or shotguns for this purpose.