How many self defense weapons have you tried so far? You may have carried and tried many weapons to deal with the attackers, not all of them prove to be as effective as brass knuckles. Generally, you may believe these knuckles are just tools or accessories and aren’t supposed to be used for self defense. 

However, these knuckles are extremely lethal and can be advantageous in any self defense situation. 

Brass knuckles are not necessarily made of brass, rather, they are made of metal or aluminium at times. You are welcome to use all these for self defense, since these are all lethal enough. As compared to other self defense weapons available in the market, brass knuckles are more effective. 

So, here is a detailed analysis of knuckles as weapons for defense, and a detailed comparison of them with some popular weapons available in the market. 

Why Use Brass Knuckles for Self Defense?


You need your self defense weapon to be small and easy to carry. Since you can wear brass knuckles, carrying them isn’t really a problem. You have already worn them, no need to carry anything additionally in your pocket. There are finger holes to make the knuckles wearable. 

Easy to Use

Secondly, they are pretty simple to use. Simply wear them and punch the attacker in his face. Just aim at the face of the attacker, and deliver a couple of brutal punches. These two punches are enough to take down the attacker. So, this comes up as a pretty easy to use weapon! 


Most importantly, it is a very lethal weapon. Generally, it is made of brass but at times, it is made of aluminium and metal as well. In any case, it has the strength needed to take down an attacker. A few punches can be deadly and can knock the attacker down. 

Brass Knuckle Knife - The Additional Advantage of Knife

There is a type of knuckles called a brass knuckle knife. It is a replica trench knife that as used during the First World War. It is basically a piece of knuckles and a blade is attached to it. The US soldiers fighting in the trenches used this knife to fight their enemies. 

Today, it is mainly used as an EDC tool and a self defense weapon. It offers the benefit of using two weapons at a time, i-e a knife and a knuckle. 

Effective in Every Situation

Brass knuckles are pretty effective in any survival situation. Not just you need to get rid of the attackers, at times, you have to deal with the wild animals in the wilderness. So, a knuckle knife can be a perfect survival in such a situation.

Brass Knuckles VS Baton

Among the most popular and lethal self defense weapons these days, there is a baton. Also called a police baton, it is an iconic police weapon they used to control the crowd. It is now being used as a weapon to deal with the attackers. It is basically a wooden club and can be extremely powerful and deadly at times. 

Compared to brass knuckles, well, there are a few drawbacks and a few disadvantages. Yes, these are lethal and solid weapons but are too heavy and large to carry. A baton is not a concealable weapon since it is massive and is hard to carry. 

Brass Knuckles VS Nunchucks

Nunchucks are the other weapons you can use for self defense. A nunchaku is a pair of wooden sticks connected through a cord, chain or a rope. It was made famous by Bruce Lee in his movies, however, it is a weapon that was first created and used before the 10th century. 

This ancient agricultural tool is now being used as a self defense weapon. Yes, it is lethal and powerful like knuckles but not that easy to use. You need to practice a lot in order to become a master use like Bruce Lee. So, training is needed to use them effectively against the attackers. 

Brass Knuckles VS Stun Guns

A stun gun is a very familiar self defense device to many. Men and women like to carry it as a weapon to deal with the attackers. There is no specific shape for it as you can find it in the shape of a lipstick, a flashlight, a cell phone, a USB or a small baton etc. 

In any case, there are two prongs on it that are touched to the body of the attacker to deliver a strong electrical shock. It is a non lethal weapon and is not as solid as brass knuckles. It can’t do severe damage, yes, it can deliver an electrical shock. The attacker is back on his feet after some time.

Brass Knuckles VS Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is another non lethal weapon. It is basically a bottle of spray containing capsicum as the active ingredient. It can be sprayed on the face of the attacker to cause a burning sensation to his eyes. It may cause temporary blindness as well. 

So, it seems very effective. Again, it is not as solid as knuckles. Also, when strong wind is blowing, spray may come back to your face and you feel the burning effect of it. So, you may cause self harm while using it. 

Brass Knuckles VS Handcuffs

Handcuffs are the tools used by the police and armed forces to arrest the culprits and criminals. Also, they have been used as self defense weapons these days. These are made of steel and can be extremely lethal. However, they are not as effective as brass knuckles. 

You may not find time to arrest the attackers or detain them. You may swing handcuffs hard to cause some injuries to the attacker. However, it can’t work everytime. Knuckles are better in terms of lethality and ease of use! 

Brass Knuckles VS Self Defense Knives

There are several different knives used for self defense. For instance, there are small sized hidden blade knives, pocket knives, and huge machete knives. Also, there are a few survival and tactical knives used in this regard. We can agree with the fact that self defense knives are more lethal compared to knuckles. 

There are powerful steel blades that can cause some severe injuries. However, these are not that easy to use and easy to carry. Brass knuckles are easier to use and can be as lethal as knives. Brass knuckle knife is a 2 in 1 weapon that offers both the blade and the knuckles. 

Brass Knuckles VS Self Defense Keychain

A self defense keychain is a small keychain to carry your keys. It is a key ring that can hold your keys and is a deadly weapon for self defense as well. Generally, it is shaped like a cat’s face. The two eyes of the cat are the holes in which you can insert your fingers and make it a wearable device. 

The ears of the cat are the two spikes that can be used as punching weapons. You can use it as a knuckle and deliver punches in the face of the attacker to cause severe injuries. Though they work like knuckles but are not powerful and strong enough. So, they lack lethality! 

Brass Knuckles VS BB Guns

BB guns or pellet guns are often used for self defense as well. These are replica guns that shoot steel BBs. These are small bullets but since they are made of steel, they can cause some damage. Also, they can be used from a distance. However, they are not easily accessible and are not that affordable. 

Also, steel BBs when shot from a distance lose their strength and speed is lowered after some distance. Again, brass knuckles prove to be more powerful and lethal. 

Brass Knuckles VS Slingshots

Slinghots are the projectile weapons that have been around for many years. People used them as fighting weapons and as hunting weapons. They can shoot anything you want. Also, they are small and can be carried with ease. As compared to brass knuckles, slingshots are not pretty easy to use. 

You need to have skills to use it in a perfect manner. Otherwise, it may not work out for you. You may use stones as projectiles but they won’t be as lethal as knuckles. So, brass knuckles are still a better choice than the slingshots as self defense weapons. 

Brass Knuckles VS Shuriken

Another self defense weapon you may try instead of brass knuckles is shuriken. Also known as a ninja star, it is a ninja weapon. It looks like a star with a few edges on it. These are deadly edges and can cause real damage. You can throw them on the attackers to cause slight injuries. 

Again, you need to be a skilled user in order to use them perfectly. You first need to do some training and gain some throwing skills. Accuracy is key! Also, these edged stars may not be as solid and effective as knuckles.


So, concluding my comparisons, I can safely say that brass knuckles are the most effective self defense weapons. These are lethal knuckles, very simple to use and too effective in any situation. Then, there are other uses you can make of them. So, yes, compared to all other weapons, these knuckles are a preferred choice to deal with the attackers!