Wholesale Brass Knuckle Knife

Wholesale Brass Knuckle Knife

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U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Trench Knife
An almost direct replica of the Mark I complete with knuckle duster finger guards and skull crusher pommel, it is an all-around fighting tool. 11 3/4 Inches Overall in length.
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10.5 Inch Mtech Fixed Blade Digital Camo Knuckle Handle Knife
10.5 Inch Overall Length MTech USA Fixed Blade Knife. 5MM Thick, 5.6 Inch Black Stainless Steel Blade. Digital Camo Tank Wheel Knuckle Handle
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Tactical Knife Mtech 5.5
For tactical use, the M-Tech Xtreme is loaded with options. The tanto blade is black coated and extremely sharp. The black G-10 handle scales have carved grooves for added grip. The steel knuckle ridge is studded for added efficiency, and there is a glass breaker tip on the end of the handle. Comes with a black nylon sheath with attached belt loop.
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The Historical Brass Knuckle Knife

A Brass knuckle knife is one of the coolest knife among all. It basically has knuckles attached to its handle for secure and solid grip which also helps in thrusting the knife more forcefully, thus making the knife highly effective. These knuckles also help in close quarter combats for punching and injuring the opponent. Brass knuckle knife is not the invention of the modern world, rather their origins go back to World war 1 when the US Army made use of them. 

They actually issued US model 1917 and US model 1918 trench knives to be used in the trench war where the Germans used these knives against Belgium and France. These knives became so popular and effective in World War 1 because of the fight in the trenches which arose the need of close quarter combats. Brass knuckle knife never disappoints one in a close quarter engagement and its design helps in maintaining a secure grip of the weapon. It has more chances of a successful and onpoint attack than any other knife and can even be used for self defense. 

Exceptional Brass Knuckle Knives for Sale

If you are looking for one of the best self defense knives, then you should definitely go for brass knuckle knife. And if you are worrying about that from where should you purchase one for yourself, then we at Wholesale Blades got you covered. We stock one of the widest selection of the most durable brass knuckle knife collection at extremely low rates. These fixed blade knives are our true masterpieces and will make you want to grab them as soon as you see them. Whether you want the original one which you want to keep with you as a token of history or you want the trendy one depicting the perfect fusion of history and latest fashion, we stock all types and kinds of brass knuckle knives. 

The designs are simply awesome which make these knives purely irresistible. Our Brass Knuckle knife is bound to give a cool flair to your personality and carrying it with you will help you defend yourself against any attack or in an emergency situation as well. The stainless steel blades are very fine and the knife is constructed of top quality materials only. We provide only the best to our customers so browse our collection of the most impressive brass knuckle knives and grab the one which suits you the best at very affordable rates. 

Best Brass Knuckle Knife Variety Available at Wholesale Rates

Wholesale Blades is one of the most renowned wholesaler and distributor of Brass knuckle knives. Our Brass knuckle knives are the best and most durable among all. Also, we have an amazing wholesale offer going on our Knuckle knives. Now, you can avail a FLAT 20% off on your brass knuckle knife if you buy six or more pieces of the same knuckle knife from us. Isn’t this amazing? Of course, it is!

Also, we have a good news for those who are interested in dropshipping business as well. Wholesale Blades offers free dropshipping services to its customers and there is no membership fee as well. We are possibly the best option for you if you are into dropshipping business. Browse our collection of the most impressive Brass knuckle knives and make your purchase today at the lowest possible rates to avail awesome offers and fastest shipping of one business day only.  

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