Belt buckle knife

With the increasing crime rate around the world, the self-defense needs have forced people to use small-sized hidden knives. Belt buckle knife is one of the amazing hidden weapons. In this knife, the blade is a very small hidden knife, which can be exposed when you need it.

At times, you need to carry a small and secret weapon that is only visible while dealing with emergencies. So, the hidden blade can be your perfect choice. There are different types of hidden blades available these days. Some of which are lipstick knife, penknife, neck knife, boot knife, and the newest of them is the belt buckle knife.

Belt buckle knife has been considered as the best-hidden blade. Due to some reasons, it is better than other blades and other self-defense weapons. It can surely be considered as an advancement in modern-day technology.

Producers have been designing such knives that complete all the needs of the users. Therefore, this knife has come up as a solution to all the personal defense needs.

Hidden Blades Have Captured the Attention of People:

Since hidden blades have captured the market, they have become an ideal choice for the users. People are taking an interest in these knives for many reasons. The most notable feature of these knives is the compact size due to different types of knives for all knife enthusiasts.

They are tremendously small that many of them can be carried in the pocket at the same time. Secondly, they can be carried and used secretly. There are non-traditional designs of these knives that can’t be recognized by the attacker.

Hence, you can commence a surprise counter attack secretly against the attacker without letting him know.

One thing that has captured the attention of people is the smart profile. There are many hidden blades available in the market in different profiles such as real lipstick. Then, you have hidden knives shaped like a pen and a necklace. Also, Boot knives are available that can be carried in the boots. 

Then, there is the belt buckle knife that exactly looks like a belt with a secret blade attached to the buckle.

What Is A Belt Buckle Knife?

Belt buckle knife is a small knife attached to the buckle of a belt. It remains hidden in the buckle and can be exposed when needed. It usually comes as an entire belt, but the buckle is not a conventional belt buckle.

It is a specially designed buckle that contains a blade. The buckle acts as a handle for the small blade.

The entire buckle can be separated from the belt to convert it into a small knife. The buckle then becomes a thick handle which is easy to handle. There is a locking technique that makes sure that the blade does not open unless you want to.

Characteristics & Advantages of a Belt Buckle Knife:

Some of its characteristics & advantages are given below. So, have a look at these to get yourself impressed with this popular hidden blade!

Easy to Carry:

Buckle knife is the easiest to carry knife among different available hidden blades. As all hidden blades are easy to carry, but at least, you have to carry them in your pocket. This way you become a little uncomfortable while carrying a blade in your pocket.

Conversely, when you opt for a buckle knife, you can wear it easily around your waist.

Rapid Expose:

Among all the hidden blades, a belt knife is the quickest one. Its blade can be exposed rapidly. This is what you want your personal defense weapon should be like.

It can be exposed to just a push of a button. By doing so, the buckle would be separated from the belt to make it a small knife with a thick handle. Therefore, rapid exposure is a key advantage of this knife.

2 In 1 Weapon:

It is a 2 in 1 weapon. The belt and knife both can be used for self-defense. You can first use the leather belt against the attacker and then expose the remarkable knives to ensure your safety.

An Emergency Tool:

The knife is not just a weapon for personal defense. It can also be used as an emergency tool, a utility tool, and an everyday carry tool. Many of these knives come with a bottle opener, screwdrivers, bolt cutters, and several other utility tools.

These blades are half ragged which makes them deliberate knives. You can achieve everyday tasks easily with these knives.

Excellent Self Defense Tool:

Belt Buckle Knife serves as an excellent weapon for self-protection. The characteristics of this knife make it the best self-defense weapon. To start with, it is easy to carry around your waist.

Secondly, it is a very speedy weapon. Thirdly, it consists of a very sharp blade. The blade of this knife is larger as compared to other hidden blades. Thus, you can expect intense control and strength.

When an attacker is about to attack you, expose the blade rapidly and strike him first. A single strike would be enough. It would cause severe injury and make sure that he does not get back on his feet.

In a self defense situation, no other weapon goes beyond the advantage of a belt knife.

How to Get the Best Belt Buckle Knife?

Nowadays, there are plenty of designs available for belt buckle knives in the market. And so, it is difficult to find the right one.

Nevertheless, we have listed below some of the best pocket knives for self defense available at Wholesale Blades:

1.  Adjustable Nylon Belt Buckle Knife:

This consists of two things- a nylon adjustable belt along with a hidden blade knife. The buckle of the nylon belt acts as a controlling handle for the blade.

The size of the knife blade is less than 3 inches. The size of the belt is 53 inches. It is easily wearable around your waist.

2.  Air Force Covert Belt Knife:

It is made up of stainless steel. The size of the blade is around 3.25 inches. This belt buckle knife is inspired by the Air Force. There is an air force logo on the buckle.

The buckle is the handle of the blade. This is also an adjustable belt so that you can adjust it easily around your waist.

3.  Military-Grade Nylon Covert Belt Knife:

This type of belt buckle knife is famous for its tremendous strength. All these military grade nylon covert belt knives are very powerful because of their stainless-steel blades.

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As the military blade is usually tactical blade, this blade is also used for tactical purposes. For this reason, it has a half-ragged blade. The size of this razor-sharp blade is 3.5 inches. So, it is ideal for defense against attackers.

The blade remains hidden in the buckle, but it can be revealed instantly. Its quick deployment makes it effectively hidden blade for self-defense.

4.  Marines Flexible Nylon Covert Belt Knife:

It is also another tactical blade. It contains a marine logo on flexible nylon which indicates that it is used for military personnel. On the other hand, it is also used for self-defense purposes.

It is made up of stainless steel and gives extreme strength. It consists of a ragged blade along with a belt cutter because you usually require cutting the belt during the attack.


So, it can be concluded that there are many reasons why someone would wear a belt buckle knife. It can be carried as a concealed weapon either for self-defense or for an attack. Another reason is that a person can show off their love for knives by incorporating them into their outfit.

And lastly, some people just like to keep them as a handy tool within easy reach. It takes a relatively smaller space as compared to a large belt buckle.

Hence, you can say that it is the best spring assisted hidden blade knife! Well, if you want to have this amazing knife, simply choose the above-mentioned ones! For more variety, you can browse our latest collection of hidden blades and find your desired one without any hassle.