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The Legends Makarov Co2 pistol, manufactured by Umarex USA is a great back yard fun plinking pistol. This is an authetic replica of famous Russian firearm. Like the original, the Umarex CO2 variant has a single and double action system and a movable slide. All the important parts of thie studfily built CO2 powered handgun are made entirely of metal. Small and compact, it is a great first gun for young shooters who know their history.
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Non-slip textured pistol grip, Realistic full metal construction, Non-blowback easy to shoot function, Semi auto firing with functioning safety, Comes with 100 rds.
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The Ekol ES 66 embroidered model is a non-recoil model. This mechanism, which offers the highest power, combined with full metal workmanship, creates a truly durable and seriously powerful model. For this reason, ES 66 is the most preferred series. Since it does not have a blowback feature, energy is not spent on the bolt recoil and is spent directly on the shot. In this case, it provides a muzzle velocity of 492 FPS. This is one of the highest shooting powers on the market.
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An ES P92B air gun powered by compressed carbon dioxide with the Blow-Back system, modeled on the Beretta 92 pistol. The body and pistol grip are made of durable polymer, and the slide is made of metal. The air gun is powered by a 12g CO2 capsule, and the pellets fired reach an initial speed of 377 FPS
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Ekol ES P95B is by far the best price/performance product among the pneumatic light machine models. It offers a truly enjoyable shooting experience with its magnificent design and powerful mechanism with Blowback feature.
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