Airsoft M180B2 Sawed Off Shell-Fed Shotgun w/ Tactical Flashlight

Airsoft M180B2 Sawed Off Shell-Fed Shotgun w/ Tactical Flashlight
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The M180B2 sawed off shotgun is a realistic replica of a sawed off shotgun as it is shell fed, just like the real thing.  It has a nice weight to it and shoots quite hard at 300 FPS+.  This package also comes with the tactical flashlight unit, which helps to illuminate your path in adverse lighting conditions. 

Featuring an integrated adjustable Hop-Up system and a reinforced barrel to maximize not only close-quarter tactical efficiency but also long-range accuracy.  And shooting at up to 350 FPS, 

This shotgun is 'sawed-off', meaning it can be maneuvered into tight, close-quarters battle situations with ease, and weighs in at a versatile 3.5 pounds to help reduce fatigue during extended skirmishes.

The package comes with four shotgun shells, each which hold 14 rounds (enough firepower to keep you running and gunning for some time), an external shell-holder to secure your additional shells to the stock for easy reloading access, along with a handy speed-loader to get you quickly into the game and a carrying strap for more versatility.

  • Spring Powered
  • Shell Magazine
  • 14 Round Shell Magazine Capacity
  • Plastic Construction
  • Top, Side, and Bottom Tactical Rails
  • Pump Action
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • M-180B2 Sawed Off FPS-350 Spring Airsoft Shotgun
  • 4 x 14 Round Shell Magazines
  • Shell Holder
  • Tactical Sight
  • Flashlight
  • Speed Loader
  • Screwdriver
  • Sample Bag Of BBs
  • FPS: 350 (With .12g BBs)
  • Magazine Capacity: 14 Rounds
  • Rail Lengths: Top 4 Inches, Bottom & Sides 3.25 Inches
  • Gun Length: 20.5 Inches

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