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Are you passionate about buying ninja weapons? Does the word “ninja” give you goosebumps and excites you? If yes, this is the best place for you to be.

Ninja practices are again gaining the popularity that they used to have once. Decades ago, people were obsessed with ninja practices, moves, weapons and of course costumes. But then things changed, technology took over and the internet became the hot topic around.

However, the good news is that the passion, the obsession is back with a bang. The ninja weapons are now readily available both in the markets and online stores as well. People are enrolling in different ninja schools and practice sessions. 

Especially during this quarantine period when the world has fallen victim to a pandemic, some people are polishing their ninja skills at home. This helps them kill some time and it is quite a great physical activity too.

You being here tells that you want to practice with ninja weapons during this quarantine time and it makes total sense. This is why we are here today. We will be telling you all about the popular weapons and practices of ninja’s so that you can get productive with this time. 

The Most Popular Ninja Weapons To Practice With:

Let’s first talk a bit about the best ninja weapons that you can use during this quarantine time in your home and the ways you can use them:

1. Nunchaku:

Nunchaku is the most flexible weapon to use to learn some new moves during your ninja practice sessions. The most interesting thing about this weapon is that it used to be a tool that originated in Okinawa for cutting rice. Later it became popular as one of the best ninja weaponries when Bruce Lee used it in his movies.

If you are a hardcore ninja fan, you probably have seen all the Bruce Lee movies. To know about some of the best moves, you can watch those movies again and practice them in your house using nunchucks.

It is a tool that comes with two sticks and it can be spinning around to catch the attention of your enemy. Mainly, the purpose of this tool is to use the chain, spin the Nunchaku in a way that it breaks the knife of the enemy.

2. Shuriken:

Shuriken is indeed the most noticeable and recognizable ninja weapons of all time. If you notice it in the ninja movies, you will see that all of them use Shuriken to bring down the enemy.

The Shuriken is a thin metal star and that comes with sharp edges. It is a great ninja star weapon, but while practicing it in your house, make sure that you are alone and take precautionary measures as it can be dangerous.

It was used by the early ninjas to throw at their enemies. Not just this, but sometimes it was also used for slitting the enemy.

A lot of people think that this weapon was just used for killing purposes which isn’t true. The fact is that it also was used as a distraction to escape the foes who were mainly the samurais chasing the ninjas. The Shuriken that comes with sharp edges laced with poison is more dangerous.

3. Chigiriki:

A little similar to Nunchaku, the Chigiriki is a stick that comes with a chain and with the chain, there is this heavy ball attached. The ball and chain are made up of metal but the stick is mainly made up of bamboo.

This weapon is used to attack your enemy from a distance. You can practice different ninja moves with this weapon. Hence, you should keep the motive in your mind that it is used all and all to attack the attacker when he isn’t too close to you.

4. Bow:

You probably don’t know this, but the bow and the arrows were first used by the ninjas and they were pretty good with their aims. If you have enough space in your backyard, you should try practicing with bows and arrows.

This is also considered one of the best weapons used by ninja’s. Therefore, if you don’t have one, order it right away and practice to get better with aiming just like the early ninjas.

This weapon was used by the female ninjas and there are two types of them- long-distance and short-distance bows. To use these weapons in your house during the quarantine period, you should opt for a short-distance bow to practice with.

5. Nekote:

The word Nekote has a literal meaning “cats claws”. Just like bows and arrows, even this weapon was used by the female ninjas and they were quite good at it. This weapon comes with sharp claws that are made up of iron and leather laces that are used to attach it to the hands. It is the safest of all weapons of ninja’s if it is not laced with poison.

6. Naginata:

Naginata is more of a long stick that comes with a knife on both the edges. This weapon was used by the early ninjas for hand to hand combat and it was also used on the battlefield. If you are passionate about these ancient weapons and practices, you must make this weapon a part of your ninja kit. It is great to use and it is best to practice with at your home.

Safety Measures To Take During Practice:

If you are practicing with the ninja weapons in your house, there are certain safety measures that you must take. Here are some that you should take notes off if you don’t want to injure someone.

1. Buy Practice Weapons:

It is always best to buy practice weapons used by ninja’s. This refers to the fact that you should use weapons with less sharp blades and they shouldn’t be deadly.

It is not like you are fighting a real battle, right? So, choose your weapons wisely. The safest of all weapons is the Nunchucks. It is used in the ninja practices nowadays and it is quite safe. Thus, you should get your hands on it and use it in the house.

2. Try Practicing Alone:

It is better to have no one around you when you are trying different ninja moves on your ninja weapons. Having people around just increases the risk of damage and injury. Consequently, either do it in your room or if it is not spacious enough, you can head to the backyard and try polishing your skills there.

3. Keep A Certain Distance:

These weapons are supposed to be used carefully. Particularly if you’ve never been to a training session before, learn to keep the weapon at a distance from yourself too.

For example, when it comes to the Nanchuku, keep it at a distance from yourself and don’t let the sticks or the chain hit you back. Even if you aren’t buying the weapons with sharp blades, they can still be harmful to you because of the metal chains and the bamboo sticks, etc. In simpler words, you need to take care of yourself too while practicing.

4. Choose The Right Ninja Weapon

There are several ninja weapons just like the ones we mentioned above. But here we are talking about quarantine practice which means that not all weapons are to be used in the house. Buy the ones that are safe and use them following proper instructions.


These are some of the things you should know about quarantine practice with these ninja martial artist weapons. We hope it is all quite clear to you now.

So, don’t wait, buy any of your favorite ninja weapons and use it during this free time. It will help you in polishing your ninja skills and you might as well get ready for some self defense tactics when you are out on the streets after the quarantine ends.

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