Knives have become an eminent and very important part of our lives. Our simplest to the most toughest of tasks are executed and performed by knives. We perform so many tasks with knives i.e. cutting, piercing, slicing, hunting, fishing, butchering, bonding, skinning and a variety of other tasks of daily routine as well. Human race is using knives since forever. The earliest people, although did not use knives which we use today, yet they had something carved out of stone or brass to be used as a knife. The functionality and basic concepts were the same, however, the appearance, construction materials and design varied a bit.

Lot of tasks can be performed with knives. These tasks can be indoor and outdoor as well. Since the nature of every task is different, then how can we expect a single knife to perform all of them. It is also true that every type of knife is useful. A knife never goes in vain, whatever its type may be. You always make use of it one way or the other. Then where does the difference lie? The difference lies in the designs, mechanisms and blades of knives. The difference lies in the functionality each one of them provides. So, if you are a knife enthusiast and wish to know all about different types of knives, then you must read what’s coming next.

Different Types of Knives

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are by far the most common type of knives. Pocket knives are the folding knives and are known as the perfect Everyday Care (EDC) tool. Why is that so? It is because pocket knives help us in the execution of a lot of tasks i.e. they help us in cutting fruits and vegetables, cutting ropes, opening of packages, removing the dirt from under the nails and things like that. Therefore, a pocket knife makes our everyday tasks quite simple and easy to perform. Pocket knives are of the following two types.

i)     Spring Assisted Knives
ii)    Automatic Switchblades

1- Spring Assisted Knives

Spring assisted knives are the most common type of pocket knives as they are legal, safe and people prefer them over automatic switchblades for this reason. Spring assisted knives actually operate via spring mechanism and feature liner locks to facilitate in the opening and closing of these knives. These knives feature a thumb stud on their blades which makes them legal and which makes them safe to use as well. A spring assisted knife only opens when the thumb stud is provided some force and this is normally done by the flick of wrist. Therefore, this mechanism ensures the safety of a person and prevents accidental injuries.

2- Automatic Switchblades

Automatic switchblades as the name clearly states are those pocket knives that operate automatically if they have a button on the handle of the knife which when pressed, flicks open the knife immediately. Automatic switchblades are illegal in most of the states because of this same reason. Automatic switchblades can be opened all of a sudden if the button is pressed accidentally. This results in accidental unwanted injuries due to which they are not preferred as much as spring assisted knives. However, automatic switchblades are easy to deploy and are opened quicker than spring assisted knives.

The greatest benefit of pocket knives is that they are compact and you can carry them around with you almost anywhere. You can carry them in your pockets, bag or inside the socks and will have close access to them whenever you find the need of them.

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed Blade knives are quite tough and durable. Why? It is because they, unlike pocket knives have their handles fixed to their blades. Therefore, they do not have movable blades. Also, most of the fixed blade knives feature full tang blades which further increases their durability and strength. Fixed blade knives are available in a lot of sizes and styles.

There are small, medium sized fixed blade knives and big fixed blade knives as well which are quite big and are used to perform the toughest of tasks. Fixed blade knives are mostly known for their durable construction and effectiveness to execute the toughest of tasks. There are many types of fixed blade knives. Each is known for its own functionality and use. There are survival knives, hunting knives, Bowie knives, fillet knives, skinning knives and so many others as well. Let us have a look at some of them.

1- Bowie Knife

A Bowie knife is a very renowned knife and has a legendary history revolving around it. It was designed and used by Jim Bowie originally and got famous from the famous Sandbar fight. The Sandbar duel took place on a Sandbar in Mississippi river somewhere in the early 19th century. A bowie knife is actually a big knife featuring a blade of about 12 inches that ends up on a clip point. The Bowie knife has a cross guard and its blade has a curve in it. When you look at Bowie knife, you easily get the notion that it is used specifically for fighting or to execute tough chores. Bowie knife has its name in the famous historical books and journals and people still use it as a utility tool and some even keep it as a historical artifact.

2- Fillet Knife

A fillet knife as the name states is a knife that is used to fillet the meat. A fillet knife is used to fillet a fish and it separates the bones of a fish from its meat. Fillet knives may be big ones and small ones too. Mostly the blade of a fillet knife ranges between 4 to 9 inches. However, it varies and depends on the type of fillet knife. Short or small fillet knives are used to fillet small fishes. Whereas, big fillet knives are used to fillet big fishes. Therefore, differently sized knives help you in preparing the meal out of different size of fishes you have catches. Fillet knife is different from regular knives in terms of flexibility. A fillet knife is designed specifically in a way to separate meat of a fish from its bones but if you try to fillet a knife with a regular knife then you will simply end up wasting your hard catches fish.

3- Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is most definitely used during hunting but not to perform the actual hunt. It can be used for skinning or cutting or slicing open the animal so that means that it is used to prepare the food out of your hunt. Hunting knives are also used to perform various other tasks by hunters when other knives are not available to them.

Hunting knives unlike daggers have a single edge which is sharp enough to make them effective for the tasks they are meant to perform. The blade of a hunting knife has a slight curve in it. However, there are hunting knives which come with a curved portion to be used for skinning an animal and a straight portion to be used for cutting and slicing. Also, there are other hunting knives that feature a gut hook which has its uses too of course. Some hunting knives are only used for skinning an animal and therefore come with a rounded tip so that the skin of the animal doesn't get damaged while removing. Now, hunting knives come as fixed blade knives and as folding knives too.

4- Karambit Knife

A Karambit knife is a very exotic weapon that is known to be originated from Indonesia. Originally, it was used as a tool to be used in farming, however, nowadays people use it extensively in fights and combats. A karambit knife has a very distinguishing blade that distinguishes it from other knives. It has a c-shaped blade that is designed like the claw of a tiger and has a curve in it. This curved blade is used for fast and swift slashing but makes the knife a bad option for thrusting and slashing as well. The knife is usually small in size, however, don’t get fooled by it. It is very deadly and is quite effective at what it does. The sharp blade tears through the toughest of materials even through human flesh. It is capable of inflicting a great deal of damage and injuries if it makes contact with human flesh and tears its way through flesh and tendons.

5- Butterfly Knife

A Butterfly knife is also known as a batanga knife, balisong or a fan knife. Butterfly knife is actually a folding knife and has two handles. The handles conceal the blade inside them when the knife is closed. Many people practice the art of flipping with butterfly knives and they have a huge fan base too. A butterfly knife has a razor sharp blade and allows you to play awesome tricks with it. However, butterfly knives can also be used for collection purposes. Butterfly knives are folding knives and therefore come with a locking mechanism which is secure and holds in place to prevent unwanted injuries.

Butterfly knives come in various designs and forms and look very fascinating with those vivid colors and sleek designs. However, their razor sharp blades and steel construction make them dangerous to be used for playing tricks with them. So, if you want to practice, then start using a butterfly knife trainer which is a safe alternative to a butterfly knife. It looks just like a butterfly knife but has a blunt, unsharpened blade that prevents injuries and keeps you safe as well.

6- Machete

A Machete is said to be originated from Spain and is a very unique looking big knife. It is a fixed blade knife and is very powerful. A Machete has a very long blade which is meant to perform the toughest of tasks. If you are an avid outdoors man and spend most of your time out in the wild and woods, then you must keep a Machete in your collection. A Machete is used in farms because of its design and big size. However, today a Machete is used for skinning, cutting, chopping and slaughtering. Also, other than these tasks, a Machete can also be used to fish, hunt and camp. Therefore, a Machete is a very useful tool.

The above-mentioned types of knives for sale are one of the most popular types and people use them a lot to perform different tasks of their everyday life. Which one do you use the most?