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If you are new to the world of airsoft guns, you must be searching a lot about these guns these days. You must also be interested in knowing more about the structure and anatomy of these amazing weapons.

This is quite impressive because as a beginner, you must first know all about airsoft guns.

This article is thus exclusively designed to satisfy your thirst for finding the unknown. Hopefully, you will find all the desired answers while reading this informative article. So, let's begin.

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What Are Airsoft Guns Used For?

These guns are primarily used for playing airsoft sports. In fact, there is no other utility of these guns in our daily lives. These are not even capable of harming others as these are unable to fire metal bullets.

However, in view of their realistic looks, these are sometimes used as decorative objects. Other than, you may also use them to haunt the opponent or the attacker in time of need.

But, it will be a risky trick to play. If in case, the attacker finds out the reality of these guns, he will not spare you. So, you are not advised to use these guns for safety or defensive weapons.

What Are the Different Parts of Airsoft Guns?

The anatomy of these guns is complex and these are comprised of a number of distinct parts. Getting into such details of these guns will make you praise them even more. You will also get to know the details that you will not find anywhere else.

I think it's time to break this suspense now. So, without wasting your time anymore, I am going to proceed towards the main topic of this detailed article. Keep reading!

General Construction:

An analysis of the general construction of airsoft guns reveals that these guns are comprised of several different parts. Each of them is thoughtfully designed and incorporated by keeping in view the basic function of these guns.

We will now throw light on almost all parts of airsoft guns. In this way, you will find it easier to find reasons to fall in love with this phenomenal game-playing tool.

  • Spring:

The purpose of spring is to make the gun able to push the air out of its cylinder and that too at a high-speed. Here the term high-speed implies the speed of 200-400 feet per second. Yes, it is unbelievable but you will still have to believe in it because it is absolutely true.

So, whenever you press the piston of this gun its spring compresses and decompresses within a few seconds. It also certifies that the stronger the spring, the higher will be the speed of airsoft guns.

Isn't it an amazing thing to understand? I am sure most of you have never heard of this before.

  • Spring Guide:

This is one of the most important parts of all such guns. It basically makes sure that the spring stays in its place. In the absence of the spring guide, the spring can actually displace causing the gearbox of the gun to jam.

A good spring guide is generally crafted out of strong metal. It is also supported by bearings that allow the spring compress and decompress smoothly. Therefore, one cannot ignore the utility of this part of these guns.

  • Piston:

The utility of a gun's piston is quite logical to understand. Without a piston, a user can never fire a gun and it certainly gives reason to why a gun is considered useless without functioning piston.

A piston basically pulls back the spring each time you fire. The head of the piston is also responsible for dragging the air into the gun. It also plays its part in pushing the air out of the cylinder at high speed.

The piston is crafted out of polycarbonate material and features a steel tooth in most of these guns.

  • Cylinder:

The cylinder of a gun is exclusively crafted to contain the air which is then compressed by and released by the piston. For the proper functioning of a gun the internal part of the cylinder must be correctly aligned.

Otherwise, the gun would not be able to fire BB's at high speeds. Another important thing about this part of the gun is that it must have a balanced air volume capacity.

To ensure this, manufacturers carefully incorporate holes in specific parts of the cylinder.

  • Cylinder Head:

It is the key part that takes care of almost all compression and decompression of air that takes place. The quality and durability of this part, in turn, defines the worth of a gun. If this part goes out of function then your gun will not be able to function properly and effectively.

Therefore, when buying these guns you must not turn a blind eye to the quality of this part. Mostly aluminum cylinder heads are considered durable and reliable.

Choose wisely otherwise you will not be able to get your hands on a long-lasting weapon.

  • Tappet Plate:

Have you often observed how guns are able to fire one BB after the other? Well, a Tappet Plate is a part that gives this functionality to your beloved weapon.

It makes your gun able to put air nozzle back to load another pellet into its barrel. It is thus absolutely right to count this part in the list of essentials.

  • Air Nozzle:

What loads pellets into the hop up and barrel? Which part is responsible for transferring air to the hop-up or the barrel? Air nozzle performs these two critical functions in a gun.

It is its exceptional ability that makes it easier for other parts of the gun to perform their respective functions.

Some highly efficient airsoft guns feature air nozzles that are equipped with an O-ring. This ring further makes sure that there is no airflow between the cylinder head and the nozzle.

  • Gear, Anti-reverse Latch, and Bush:

If you wish your piston and Tappet Plate to function smoothly and effectively, you must have gears in it. These gears move at high speed and thus, they must be constructed out of high-quality steel material.

The gears are further supported by a part known as Anti-reverse Latch. This latch is incorporated to ensure that gears are faced forward.

A high-quality steel latch must be a part of your gun. You may think of Bush as a hole where the gear is attached.

  • Motor and Pinion Gear:

In all airsoft guns, these two parts are of immense importance. You can’t even think of a functional gun without the presence of these two essential parts. All your gears are powered by motors.

It is ideal to have a high torque motor in your gun. The motor rotates at a high speed and thus, makes it possible for the piston to pull springs. Some airsoft addicts upgrade their guns with high-speed motors but these motors, in turn, make you compromise on the gun's FPS.

Pinion Gear is basically a part of the motor. It allows the motor to supply power to another important part, the gearbox.

  • Trigger Assembly and Auto Cut Off Lever:

The trigger is mostly found in electrical airsoft guns. It basically completes the circuit and then triggers the motor to supply power to the gearbox.

You may think of it as an electrical switch. Auto cut off Lever exists in semi-automatic guns. It cut off the power supply to the gun after every shot.

  • Gearbox Shell:

This part holds every other part in its place. It bears most of the pressure of the piston and for this, it utilizes most of the force of gears.

It is thus the backbone of your gun without which your gun might not be able to function properly.

  • Attachments:

Attachments are more like accessories. These are quite expensive and are not generally purchased by most of the users.

Nevertheless, airsoft maniacs are crazy about accessorizing their precious guns. Spring-powered cheap airsoft guns don’t even come with extra clips.

Despite their price, these are quite useful and adds to the worth of your weapon. Other common accessories for these guns are scopes, lights, and lasers.


Thus, the anatomy of these airsoft guns is extremely logical yet complex. Now, if you want to buy this splendid tool, you may browse through our huge collection of high-quality weapons.