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The great Samurai swords are still available in the markets of the present era. Hence, the reason is that these swords are made the same as they were constructed in the past.

The creators of samurai blades are the skilled swordsmiths of Japan, who know the art of creating this masterpiece. While they have inherited this ability by their forefathers who were experts in creating the finest swords.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a samurai sword for décor or even making a collection of ancient weapons, you should know how to buy the right one that suits your taste and needs as well. Yes, having proper knowledge can protect you from buying cheap imitations of such great swords.

This is why we are here to explain to you a comprehensive buying guide. This guide will help you buy the perfect blade for yourself. Plus, you will get yourself informed about the differences between samurai and ninja swords. So, don’t go anywhere and read the article till the end.

The Perfect Guide for Buying Samurai Swords:

This sword buying guide will clear the confusion and also make the frustrating task of buying a sword easier and simpler. Purchasing an authentic sword depends on the 5 criteria that are further divided into sub-criteria so that you can buy a most expensive samurai swords.

1. Style:

If you have clearly decided to buy an authentic Japanese sword, you must have knowledge about the basic or normal size of katana or any other kind of samurai sword that you have planned to own.

However, you should be aware of the weight and shape of the katana so that you won’t buy the fake ones.

2. Blade:

The blade of the sword is the most important aspect to consider when buying one of the samurai swords.

Since there is a great variety of stainless swords available in the market, but not all of them are worth buying. The reason is that they don’t possess a good edge or neither can they withstand any impact.

samurai swords

Thus, if you want to get a high-quality sword, the best option for you is to select the swords that are made up of carbon steel or alloys of carbon steel. These swords are made of high-quality material and are also less prone to breakage or rusting.

3. Weight:

Though weight is another important aspect to consider before purchasing a sword. Yes, the weight of the sword plays a significant role in confirming the high quality of the blade.

But, in the present era, people are little lenient about the weight according to their purpose or their need. Because nowadays, different types of samurai swords are used for martial training and as décor items.

This way when you buy a carbon steel blade, it would be a heavy blade. But, you should be aware that 20 gauge carbon steel is less heavy than the 18 gauge carbon steel. Conversely, if you opt for a stainless steel blade, it would be less heavy as compared to the carbon steel.

4. Battle Readiness:

The sword is known for its battle readiness. The reason is that the full tang of the blade and the unique construction makes a sword very helpful in the battlefield.

Besides this, the hilt allows you a very comfortable grip, as well as, makes it easy for you to balance the sword. Moreover, the appropriate weight of the sword will let you swing it easily as much as you want.

5. Pommel:

The pommel of the sword is also a crucial thing to keep in mind while looking for samurai swords.

The size and weight of the pommel should always be correct. Also, it should be simple to dismantle and also mount. However, your grip should not be hindered.

Last Words to Consider At the Time of Purchase:

The above-mentioned factors are some of the key ones that you should consider and follow while you are planning to buy one of the best samurai swords. These tips will help you buy a perfect and authentic sword of your choice.

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Therefore, knowledge is key and having knowledge about the samurai swords that you want to buy is really helpful. Let us tell you the differences between the ninja sword and the samurai sword.

Differences Between Ninja Swords And the Great Samurai Swords:

There are so many dissimilarities between the samurai sword and ninja sword. And yes, both of these swords are very popular still at the present time.

Both of these swords have amazed their enthusiasts and sword collectors who love to own these masterpieces to increase their collection. So, let us explain to you some points to differentiate these two swords!

1. The Difference In History:

Ninja swords represent a different history, while the great samurai swords possess their own rich history. Both of these swords present different cultures and philosophies. This way the ideals that are surrounded by each of them are totally different.

The Samurais were known as the privileged soldiers of ancient Japan and they were in the feudal era of Japan. The great samurais were highly reputed and honored by the people of Japan.

Also, they were known for the royalty they serve. This is why their samurai swords were the symbol of trust, duty, honor, and loyalty.

2. Cheaper Ninja Swords:

The Ninja warriors, on the contrary, were the fear of people as compared to respect. However, the samurai could proudly show their swords and completely own their swords as a perfect tool for killing someone with a single swing.

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But, the ninjas never presented their swords as they believed that their swords are totally practical and nothing special. That’s why ninja swords were very much cheap and could be altered easily for any kind of requirement of their unique and secretive mission.

The ninja were spies and they never treated their swords as valuable rather they treated their best swords as a weapon that was usable and disposable too.

3. Ninja Swords Are Given Honor:

Nowadays, ninja swords are crafted very carefully and are treated with honor and dignity. Hence, that was not given by the ancient ninjas.

Well, now people love to buy these swords to increase their collection. But, these swords can never do the comparison with the quality and sharpness of the samurai swords.

4. Imitation of the Samurai Sword:

As ninja spies were prefect in imitating and deception, so they created their swords that looked very similar to the swords of samurai at first glance. But, once these swords were taken out from their sheaths, the imitation was revealed.

This way for beginners, the simple difference is that the ninja swords are smaller in size as compared to the swords of the samurai. The reason for smaller size swords is that the ninjas were spies, not soldiers. They had to utilize their swords in very different and awkward places.

Additionally, they were contorted into unique positions as they had to climb ceiling rafters, cling to walls of rock or sides of the buildings, and many more hidden places. So, a longer size blade became a great problem in such kind of circumstances.

5. Simple Swords:

Ninja swords were very simple and crude, hence, the main purpose of these swords was to attack and defend oneself as the ninjas were always in a run and hiding into different places.

The ninjas had to run for their lives; they possessed an elusive style of fighting and had to move very quickly from one place to another. Thus, if the situation became critical, they could easily drop their weapons and run for their lives.

Because of this, these spies had to be very quick and also possessed cheap weapons that could easily be replaced before their upcoming ventures.

Basically, we can say that the great Samurai swords were elegant and very much precise. On the other hand, the ninja swords were very much practical, fierce, and crude as well.


Thus, buying samurai katana swords were the actual sharp, accurate, and precise swords of that era. Moreover, the guide given above will help you buy the perfect sword for you. And lastly, you would be aware of the differences between the ninja swords and the swords of the samurai. This way you wouldn’t get fooled by anyone.

So, what are you looking for? Hurry up and start exploring our large collection of ancient swords! We promise that you will surely find a sword of your dreams.