Viking Functional Beard Axe

The bearded axe is most commonly associated with Vikings. Fierce as these axes were they were also used as tools not just weapons. The bit on these axes extends below the width of the butt to provide a wide cutting surface which kept the overall weight of the axe low.
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The axe was, perhaps, among the first of the tools made by mankind and has remained important to many cultures in history. The Vikings, though, are the most associated with the axe, and weapons like this Viking Bearded Axe are likely the reason why. Brutal in its design and efficiency, this wicked axe has a blackened steel head forged from high carbon steel. The wooden haft is wrapped with twin twine of leather, providing a more secure grip, while its length makes it just long enough to work well in both one- or two-handed holds. Overall, this axe is a brutal yet effective weapon. 

  • A battle-ready and fully functional axe
  • A battle axe inspired by old Viking design
  • Head Comes Attached to a Wooden Haft
  • Haft is wrapped with leather lacing for design and hold
  • Designed for training, reenactment, and combat
  • Not suitable for wood cutting or other chores
  • Head is hand forged from high carbon steel
  • Haft is made of wood with leather ties
  • Overall Length: 30 Inches
  • Head Length: 7 Inches
  • Head Height: 4.5 Inches

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