Sword Maintenance Cleaning Kit
Sword Maintenance Cleaning Kit

Sword Maintenance Cleaning Kit

5F2-JL600 - Deluxe Sword Cleaning Kit. Includes 1 Bottle of Oil, Rice Papers, 1 Uchiko, 1 Plastic container, an oiled cloth & 1 Brass Hammer.

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Sword Care

This kit is A Must Have for all serious sword collectors. Why do you need to buy this cleanning kit? All metal parts of your sword should always be covered with a light coating of oil to prevent rust. Your sword comes with either a light plastic spray or a heavy coating of grease to protect the blade in transport across the ocean.

Instructions for cleanning your sword:
Step 1: Use a sheet of harai gami or erufu to remove oil and debris from the blade. Please hold the sharp edge away from you while you are working on the blade.
Step 2: Tap the uchiko lightly against the blade. Continue tapping all the way to the tip of the blade.
Step 3: After powdering the blade, use a clean harai gami or erufu to polish the blade in a circular motion. Repeat until the powder is dissolves.
Step 4: Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for the other side of the blade.
Step 5: Apply a few drops of oil along each side of the blade and use a piece of harai gami or erufu to spread the oil evenly over the blade. DO NOT TOUCH THE BLADE BEFORE RESHEATHING.

  • Dimension : 7.25 X 3 X 2.75 Inches
  • Mini Hammer : To remove the nail from the handle of the sword.
  • Blade Oil : Protect the sword from humidity and rusting.
  • Uchiko: (Powder Ball) To remove oil from the blade.
  • Harai Gami: (Rice Paper) To clean off the powder or oil.
  • Erufu: (Cotton Cloth) Can be used as Harai Gami . It's washable.
  • Comes Packaged in a Wooden Box.
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