Rojuro Otoribashi Samurai Japanese Sword

Rojuro Otoribashi Samurai Japanese Sword

40.5 Inch Overall, 26.5 Inch Blade, 10.75 Inch handle. Carbon Steel Blade

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This isthe infamous sword carried by Rojuro Otoribashi or Rose. He wield thisJapanese Katana which features a stylish fantasy look. To kick things off, thehandle hilt is made from steel followed by the Black and Red cord wrappedhandle. Under the handle wrap is the traditional Japanese Menuki (ornament) decoration. The guard is made frommetal and has the shape of a diamond with curve edges and carries a copper andstain finish. The 28 inch blade is made from 440 Steel (Dont be fooled byCarbon Steel) and carries a black and silver finish. The Saya (scabbard) ismade from solid wood with a glossy Red and Black lacquer finish which is thendecorated with the red and black cotton Sageo (cord). The Sageo is wrapped inthe traditional Bull Horn fashion and tied around the wooden Kurigata. You cannever go wrong with the price and quality.


  • Overall Length: 40.5 inch
  • Blade Length: 28 inch
  • Handle Length: 11 inch
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scabbard Material: Wood with High Gloss Black and Red Finish
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