Purple Stun Gun Flashlight, Rechargeable with Safety Pin, USB Wall and Car Charger, Wrist Strap

This black and purple color disguised personal protection flashlight stun gun features concealed stun technology. It also features sleek design, Bright 200 lumen flashlight, Rubberized handle 6” long, Wrist strap, Safety Pin, Rechargeable battery, Car charger (included) USB charging cord (included) For advanced level in personal defense.
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Purple Stun Gun Flashlight, Perfect for Running, Jogging, Pet Walking, Rechargeable with Safety Pin, Car charger and USB Wall charger included, Wrist strap
  • MAX POWER STUN GUN: Purple Stun Gun Flashlight delivers a painful high voltage enough to your self-protection when faced with an attacker. Its safety switch prevents accidental discharge
  • SAFETY PIN: The stun flashlight is not operable without its pin inserted. Ideal if the attacker attempts to take the gun from you. Purple Stun Gun Flashlight safety feature makes it the ideal home defense device
  • LED FLASHLIGHT: The integrated 200 lumen flashlight improves visibility and aim at night or in dark, poorly lit areas. Additionally, the LED feature can be used to momentarily distract the assailant before activating the stun feature
  • ERGO STUN GUN: Measuring just 6’’, Purple Stun Gun Flashlight fits into your purse, pocket, backpack or hand, increasing your confidence during night jogs or negotiating dark parking garages. It also comes with a convenient wrist strap for a quick access

Powerful and Concealed 

This stun gun with a flashlight may appear to be a cute flashlight, but believe us, it is so much more! Featuring unique Concealed Inner Stun Technology, the flashlight body hides a powerful, Police Strength stun gun which produces a maximum jolt and a massive sound that will make potential assailants regret they messed with you. 

The sleekest stun gun ever designed

The Purple Stun Gun Flashlight is perfect for everyday carry. Small enough to slide in your hand or purse, the Purple Stun Gun Flashlight delivers a powerful, electrifying jolt and a loud sound that will scare any attacker, yet sleek enough to accessorize as a daily carry. The smooth, rubberized handle wrapped around the tough, durable type III aircraft grade aluminum body provides a firm yet comfortable grip, while the sleek lines and bright colors make it an elegant accessory.

Convenient and Reliable Protection Device 

An easy to access on/off safety switch is prominently featured on the bottom of this small stun gun, preventing someone accidentally discharging the device. You will also save money and never get caught without batteries because the Purple stun gun flashlight is completely rechargeable and comes supplied with a USB charging cord.
Purple Flashlight Stun Gun Features:
  • Sleek Design
  • Bright 200 lumen flashlight
  • Rubberized handle 6” long
  • Wrist strap
  • Safety Pin
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Car charger (included)
  • USB charging cord (included)
This device must be charged 8-10 hours before initial use. This is a final sale, No returns on this item.

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