Outdoor Camp Hatchet & Hammer Throwing Axe
Outdoor Camp Hatchet & Hammer Throwing Axe

Outdoor Camp Hatchet & Hammer Throwing Axe

5H3-KX2597 - High Density ABS holster is included with this Hatchet. Overall Length: 11.25 Inches. Bit Length: 3.6 Inches.

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A solid slab of extra thick high carbon stainless steel is formed into a heavy duty hatchet and hammer. This is a very thick piece, made with the highest quality carbon-based stainless steel readily available. If you need something for camping, hunting, hiking, survival, or just a really good quality axe, this is the real thing. Part of the Axehead, the Cheek, and the Butt are all coated in wrinkle black finish for additional resistance to the elements. On one side you have a sharp Axeblade (bit), and the Butt (back side) is a hammer for driving in stakes or other blunt impact application.

Emphasis is placed on quality and useability for a completely functional, all around survival tool. The resistant wrinkle coating also covers the shoulder of the Outdoor Hatchet, and the belly. It is one solid piece for a full tang, fully functional Hatchet. The handle has a solid, injection molded, Kraton Polymer grip that is inherently melded with the tang. Diamond texture is also added to the Kraton grip to make gripping the Hatchet very easy for a tight hold.

With the nature of this fully functional Outdoor Hatchet & Hammer, the bottom of the handle has an End Knob (Swell Knob). The End Knob keeps the Outdoor Hatchet & Hammer from slipping out of the hand. If you are ever caught in the extreme circumstances that your hands are so tired or injured you might slip, the End Knob will keep the Hatchet in your hand. It also features a tassel hole you can use to tie it up. A strong and durable nylon holster is included with this Hatchet. The holster has a Snap & Lift design the keeps it securely fastened to your belt. Once unsnapped, the Hatchet stays holstered until lifted from it's perch. If you go camping often, you absolutely need a good, reliable Outdoor Hatchet & Hammer.

  •     Overall Length: 11.42 Inches
  •     Bit Length: 3.6 Inches
  •     Blade: Hatchet, Hammer, Heavy Duty
  •     Blade Thickness: 8mm
  •     Butt (Hammer) Thickness: 19.3mm
  •     Axe Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  •     Handle & Poll: 6 Inches, Full Tang
  •     Grip: Injection Molded Kraton Polymer, Diamond Texture
  •     Features: Very Thick, Heavy Duty, Rust-Proof, Wrinkle Coating
  •     Holster: Snap & Lift Type, Belt Loop
  •     Holster Material: Nylon
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Kraton Handle
  • Nylon Snap & Lift Holster
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