Ninja Five Point Silver Throwing Star Shuriken Knife Blade

The ninja five point silver throwing star is the perfect addition to your collection. This throwing star is a perfectly balanced piece. It is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with nylon sheath with a belt loop. Razor sharp and rock solid. 3.85 inches in diameter.
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Wholesale Blades is your ultimate destination for buying exceptional ninja weapons, cosplay weapons and much more. We provide all types of ninja gear and weapons. Here is a ninja silver throwing star which we consider a masterpiece. We have an endless collection of shuriken and this is one of the finest pieces among them. It has five points and can be an ideal weapon for self defense and target practice. It has sharp points that can cause immense damage. Also, you can practice throwing it in an easy fashion. It is made of quality stainless steel. Grab this masterpiece at the cheapest wholesale price which is 90% reduced. Also, grab 6 or more pieces to qualify for a 20% discount. We ship within a working day. 

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