Ninja Five Point Rainbow Throwing Star Shuriken Knife Blade

The ninja five point rainbow throwing star is the perfect addition to your collection. This throwing star is a perfectly balanced piece. It is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with nylon sheath with a belt loop. Razor sharp and rock solid. 3.85 inches in diameter.
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It is a ninja five point knife blade shuriken. It is one of the best ninja weapons we have in our stock. This throwing star is made of stainless steel and has five sharp points. These points can cause injuries if thrown on anyone, hence making it perfect for self defense and combat. The ninja warriors used these shuriken for battling their opponents during wars. It has a nice rainbow design which makes it gorgeous enough to be used for decor and costume purposes. It is a quality shuriken made of heavy duty stainless steel. Grab this exceptional quality item at 90% reduced wholesale price. If you buy 6 or more pieces, you can get a flat 20% off your order. We ship your order instantly within 24 hours.

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