Medieval Renaissance Leather Hilt Rapier Sword
Medieval Renaissance Leather Hilt Rapier Sword

Medieval Renaissance Leather Hilt Rapier Sword


Medieval Renaissance Leather Hilt Rapier Sword

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Predecessor to modern fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is very nearly the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasizes precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has eventually become the modern sport of fencing. Fairly typical for its make, this swept-hilt rapier possesses all the hallmarks of the highly stylized hilts that became fairly popular and for good reasons. In addition to reasons of style, dramatic flair, and personal taste, these ornate guards fulfilled a specific purpose - defense of the hand. The guard of this rapier has two pieces, in two positions - the standard position and an upper guard. The standard guard is a simple circular quillon with a bar-guard, while the upper guard is any additional quillon, formed into a circle and a rectangle about the ricasso of the blade. This two-part guard provides protection to the hand and to the fingers, when the rapier is held with the thumb and pointer-finger forward. Three other quillons sweep downward, to provide marginal protection to the rest of the hand, should a strike be directed lower. The grip of this rapier is leather, while the pommel is simple and effective.

  • Includes Leather Wrapped Scabbard
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Leather Grip Wrapped With Steel Wire
  • Overall Length: 43.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 36.75 Inches
Money Well Spent
I’m giving this five stars not because it’s an overly amazing, exquisite blade—it’s not, and I understood that going in. You get what you pay for. No, I’m giving it five stars because it precisely suited what I was looking for: a sturdy, relatively low-cost practice rapier to get into swordplay, and a cosplay prop. My rapier arrived earlier today, and while I have yet to test its mettle (pun fully intended) against other blades, I did look it over closely and give it a few good swings to get the feel of it. I’m no sword expert, but it felt well-balanced in my hand (and when tested later, I found that while the blade is a little heavy, it’s really not too far off) and made a satisfying swish when swung—always important. It doesn’t even give the illusion of a cutting edge, again a plus if you’re looking for a training weapon. With that said, while the blade itself was pristine and gleaming, the basket...not so much. It’s clear it was handmade at least partially, if somewhat clumsily (several tool marks scattered over the guard), so I can’t deny there was work and care put into creating it. It doesn’t detract too much from its appearance if you’re not a stickler for detail—I am, even, and I think it’s gorgeous despite that. I suspect as well that the grip is a stiff rubber rather than leather (though comfortable nonetheless). TL;DR if you want a high-end blade, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a starter to study with, you’ve certainly come to the right place.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington . on 5/29/2019
Excellent piece for any collector.
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Reviewed by:  from Kerrville. on 5/23/2016
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