Medieval Combat Ultimate Hand Forged Shield Boss Umbo

We Offer you this premium shield umbo (or shield boss) features six holes for mounting. Measuring 8 inches across and protruding approximately 2 inches, this umbo is great at deflecting blows as they simply glance off and makes a perfect addition to any round shield.
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A shield boss is a round, convex or conical piece of material at the center of a shield. The boss was originally designed to deflect blows from the center of round shields, though they also provided a place to mount the shield's grip. This 16 gauge combat grade shield boss allows for you to create your very own function battle ready shield. Forged iron this umbo comes with 6 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. This quality functional piece boss.

  • Overall Diameter: 8 Inches
  • Material: Hand Forged Iron
  • Gauge: 16g

  • Includes, 6 Mounting Holes, Washers and Mounting Rivets
  • Hand Forged

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