Have you wanted to supplement your income or become your own boss? 

Selling products like Spring assisted knives and folding pocket knives might just provide that.

For over 10 years we have seen small buyers become large buyers. When asked why the buying has increased so much, the answer is usually eBay.
Its not an easy task and it doesn't come over night or without its headaches, but once mastered, you could see sales of 30-50k a month.

Selling knives isn't rocket science. It is however like all things on ebay time consuming. No matter the items you choose to sell on ebay, it will be long and hard at first. With time you will master the ropes.

We can help you as much as we can. After all the more of the wholesale knives you sell of ours the more you profit and in turn the more we profit. Without you as a seller we wouldn't be in business.

Selling knives on ebay to make a lot of money isn't about getting the cheapest knife or selling it at the cheapest price.
To rank well on ebay and sell a lot, you will need to know a few basic steps.

1. Title
2. Description
3. Pictures


Having a proper title is key. Its the main way ebay ranks you in and its a huge help with search seo engines like google. Yes not all customers on ebay come from ebay directly. A lot of the time a customer will search a term on google and your listing will appear. So make sure your title contains keywords only. 

For an example, if you are selling a blue knife with a black blade. You would want to make sure you use keywords like, blue, black, knife, pocket knife, These are terms a customer would search for.

Dont waste title seo space with terms like "look" or "new" Unless you used all resources and you have the space left to waste.


A good description is just as important as the title, in terms of seo. Your description will help with ranking and using proper keywords in it are ideal for seo ranking. Make sure to include all relevant information about the knife and your shipping, return policy.


Don't use the factory picture. Make sure to take your own and a lot of them at ever agile Good pictures helps convert sales. If the customer can not see what they are buying they are not going to buy it at all.

Knife selling tip.... Don't sell just one knife! Buy one model in bulk at least 5 at first. Then when they sell buy 10. When they sell buy 20. You just put in all the time and effort to list the knife dont sell just one. Make the listing work for you.

Following these simple steps and giving it time will turn a few knife sales a month to thousands a month.