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What Are Blank Guns?

Posted by Ryan Mir on 3/9/2018 to Blank Gun
Blank guns are also known as Replica Guns. A Blank gun replicates the sound of a real gun without any projectiles thus making it an ideal prop for Training.

How to clean and oil your blank gun

Posted by Vincent on 1/25/2018 to Blank Gun
This video will show you how to make sure your gun is in tip top shape. 

Are Blank Guns Safe? Front Venting VS Top Venting (Firing)

Posted by Vincent on 1/25/2018 to Blank Gun
Can you shoot a blank gun at someone? Are they safe to use? Find out in this blog. 

Check Our Blank Guns Models Being Used in The Movies and Tv Shows

Posted by Vincent on 2/15/2016 to Blank Gun
This page lists the our blank fire only guns which are not a direct copy of an actual live firearm. The following blank fire only weapons can be found in the following movies and television series:

Difference between Top and Front Fire Blank Guns

Posted by Vincent on 1/26/2016 to Blank Gun
There are Top Firing Blank guns and there are Front Firing Blank guns. Front firing blank guns vent flame and smoke from the end of the barrel that is not plugged. The top firing blank guns have a plugged barrel and a small red plastic insert inside the end of the barrel as an added safety precaution.