Banshee Untouchables Hidden Neck & Boot Knife

Banshee Untouchables Hidden Neck & Boot Knife

1R2-HK7871 - Overall Length: 6.9 Inches. Blade Length: 3.48 Inches. Blade: Tanto Hybrid, Fighting Curve, 3CR13 Steel. Hardness: appx. HRC54. Blade Thickness: 2.86mm

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Boot Knife

3CR13 Stainless Steel is used in this knife blade, which is the same steel used in high strength applications like tools and heavy duty equipment. This type of steel holds a very sharp blade for longer than those other types. It has a hardness of about HRC54. Each blade goes through a unique quenching process to both harden the surface, and provide a protective coating over the steel.

The curved blade on the Banshee Untouchables Knife is sharpened well. It runs strait into the tang of the knife as a solid piece. Better than average steel quality and build quality aspires in the Banshee Untouchables Knife. The handle has finger groves and a full cutout design to suit proper grip.

What sets the Untouchables Hidden Neck & Boot Knives apart from others is also realized in the way you carry it. A 24 inch steel ball chain can be used to suspend from the neck. It easily hides under a shirt or jacket, and almost impossible to go missing unnoticed. If you are ever caught in a situation where a mugger has you empty your pockets, there is no way he will be expecting you to have an Untouchables Neck & Boot Knife concealed under the shirt or tied to your boot. Also comes with a nylon cord to tie it down to a leg or other place.

  • Overall Length: 6.9 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.48 Inches
  • Blade: Tanto Hybrid, Fighting Curve, 3CR13 Steel
  • Hardness: appx. HRC54
  • Blade Thickness: 2.86mm
  • Handle: Full Tang, Solid Piece
  • Sheath: Durable ABS, Rivet Holes
  • Features: Steel Chain for Neck, Nylon Cord for Boot
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