Arachnophobia Venom Spring Assisted Tactical Knife

Arachnophobia Venom Spring Assisted Tactical Knife

10-TD632 - Overall Length: 8.3 Inches. Blade Length: 3.6 Inches. Blade: Bayonet Style, 440 Stainless Steel. Blade Thickness: 2.9mm. Handle: Aluminum,

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Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and other Arachnids, often thought of as an irrational fear of Venomous creatures. The Arachnophobia Venom Knife features a very sharp blade with a bayonet style form. The center of the blade is cutout and the upper spine is tapered. Flick the blade out and the spring assisted function accelerates the blade into it's locking position.

The tactical design of the Arachnophobia Venom Knife is signature only to this knife. It has aluminum grip inserts with thick line texturing. Behind the aluminum grip is a steel frame supporting heavy duty tasks. A big steel pocket clip is added to secure your Vampire Nosferatu to your pocket. On the end of the knife handle is a glass breaker. Bust out a window or use it as a spike against a target. You never know what else it can do for you.

  • Overall Length: 8.3 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.6 Inches
  • Blade: Bayonet Style, 440 Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness: 2.9mm
  • Handle: Aluminum, Texture Grip, Black
  • Deployment: Spring Assisted, Finger Switch
  • Features: Sharp Blade, Inner Steel Frame
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