9.3" Dynamic Beam Automatic Out the Front Knife

The Dynamic Beam Automatic Out the Front Knife is an automatic knife known as an out the front knife based on how the blade deploys. The blade comes out of the handle from the top of the knife as opposed to swinging out from the side of the handle like in switchblades and stilettos.
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The zinc alloy handle has a molded arrow design in the center pointing towards the blade. The switch to deploy the blade is centered in the middle of the handle as opposed to the side for convenient use and the switch itself is textured for grip. The silver, steel blade has a centered fuller for depth of design and reduced weight for accuracy and precision in use. The blade is textured with an outward arcing pattern seemingly mimicking a beam of light. The Dynamic Beam Automatic Out the Front Knife comes with its own black nylon sheath that has a belt loop for ease of carry and storage.

  • Overall Length: 9.27 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.76 Inches
  • Blade Width: 0.76 Inch
  • Blade Thickness: 2.70 mm
  • Handle Length: 5.68 Inches
  • Blade Style: Dagger Point
  • Blade Construction: Steel
  • Handle Construction: Zinc Alloy
  • Includes: Black Nylon Sheath
  • Features: Glass Breaker, Textured Blade

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