short swords

Typically, a sword has a large blade when compared with a knife. We tend to consider something a knife when it has a small blade, but when it comes to a large blade, it is definitely a knife. But, in the case of a medium sized blade, it is a short sword. 

A short sword can be considered a huge knife or dagger, but it is known as a slightly smaller version of a real sword. These types of swords have been used quite frequently in the past. They came effective in close quarters combat. 

Before we explore them in today's market, we would like to take our time to disclose some historical facts associated with them. Since you are an enthusiast and looking to have them in your arsenal, you must know every detail regarding these special swords. 

A short sword is sometimes known as an arming sword. It is generally a single handed cruciform sword used during the medieval times. Generally, this sword was hung around a knight's belt. On the other hand, a larger sword was hung around the saddle. 

This sword was manufactured as a cutting weapon to cut the armors because every warrior during those times tended to wear a body armor which protected him against the sword. However, the warriors using short sword also used them with bucklers or shields. 

One can say that these were the standard weapons for the knights. Sometimes, they were called war swords or military swords. But, they were replaced by bastard swords and long swords towards the end of the 14th century as the real war swords. 

Once the long swords came into the picture, they became primary fighting swords. Short swords then became secondary fighting weapons and were carried as backup weapons in case of loss of primary sword. 

As of today, we don't need short swords because the battles are not fought in close quarters these. In the modern era, nuclear weapons have diminished any chance of bladed weapons. But, still, the market is enriched with a massive collection of these small sized swords. 

Today, we have come up with a list of several fantastic short swords available in the market today. We enlisted 9 of them, and we urge you to have them in your collection if you are really a sword enthusiasts.

1. Gray Black Demon Skull Gladius Short Sword

Gladius is one of the most popular short swords, and this is one masterpiece gladius. This is a fantasy sword with a demon skull design, as you can see in the picture below. There is a fantastic color scheme (Gray and Black). 

Gladius is often known as Roman Gladius because Romans were the primary users of this sword. But, Fantasy Master has designed it with some efficiently. A skull design determines the badass nature of this sword. Also, you can realize from the design and shape of the blade that it must have been an extremely powerful sword.

short swords

There is a thick stainless steel blade of 3 mm. Yes, that's the length you must expect from a short sword. If you are in search of a sword that describes you as a Roman warrior, get your hands on this Gladius.

2. Caribbean Skull Crossbones Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow's Cutlass Sword

Cutlass is another type of short swords, and possibly the strongest one. This is a pirate style sword with an intricate detail and a magnificent design. There is a great balance of a knuckle style guard and a solid steel guard. There are extraordinary fittings of the sword. A skull with crossbones are present on the throat of the scabbard. 

short swords

The 23 inches blade is slightly longer for a short sword. However, this is beautifully crafted. The 440 stainless steel is used for constructing its blade. If you pretend to be a real warrior, you need this sword to complete your arsenal.


3. Celtic Medieval Scottish Royal Claymore Short Sword

This is a slightly short claymore sword. These sorts of swords were used by the Scottish warriors as arming swords. This is a fabulous celtic claymore that deserves to be in your collection. Look at the sword below and you already realize that it is a high quality construction.

short sword

It resembles the historical claymore which is an iconic sword of Scotland. It served the scottish warriors from the 13th century to the 17th century. However, this is a reproduction of the 15th century claymore. Though it is made of stainless steel, but it is safe for cosplay use bcause the point of the blade is dull and the blade is unsharpened. 

4. Civil War C.S.A. Nashville Plow Works Artillery Sword

Artillery sword was one of the American short swords. This is a replica of CSA (Confederate States of America) artillery sword. It replicates those swords manufactured by Nashville Plow Works during the American Civil War. With this sword in your collection, you can pay tribute to those manufacturers.

It is a slightly heavier sword, but is short. The blade is double edged and broad. There is a guard as well other than a heavy brass handle. "C" and "S" are the two letters mentioned on the guard. You can get a lovely scabbard with that sword as well. 

5. CSA/NCO Confederate Non-Commissioned Officers Short Sword

Another short sword that follows the pattern of the one we discussed above. This sword is worth a place in your collection, If you are really an enthusiast, you just can't miss to add this lovely blade in your collection. This is one of the specific military swords used by the non-commissioned officers.

The design and color scheme of this sword is fantastic. The length of the blade is around 22 inches made of stainless steel. Scabbard is made of custom polish metal while metal gold is used for making the handle. 

6. Medieval 12th Century Templar Knight Crusader Short Sword

Here is a medieval era short sword that inspired many, and even inspires the enthusiasts today. This templar crusader sword resembles the 12th century swords. It is recognized as a 2nd generation of the Templar sword. However, it is slightly shorter than the ones produced during the 1st generation.

This is one of the swords on this list that resemble real warrior swords. The blade is made of stainless steel. What makes it realistic is the incorporation of a fuller. Yes, the traditional fuller can be found along the middle of its blade.


7. Roman Empire Historical Dagger Short Sword

Don't be confused by this masterpiece. Yes, this is a long dagger, and yes, this is a short sword. But actually, it is considered a Roman Empire sword which is shaped or designed like a dagger. You won't find such a massive dagger other than this though. The overall length of this sword is around 18.3 inches. This is the length you can't expect for a sword, and for a dagger either.

However, coming to our main point, this is a fantastic thing to add to your collection. It has a historical significance which makes it a top collectible on this list. Ans yes, it has a stainless steel blade with some art drawn on the handle and scabbard. You can consider it an antique collectible!

8. Dragons Tongue Warrior Short Sword

If you ask me what is the real warrior short sword, and I will show you this Dragon Tongue sword. Believe it or not, this is a fantasy sword, but this is what a warrior sword must look like. There is a badass feel to this. It seems as if it can tear someone into pieces very easily. 

If you have managed a nice dragon collectible, here is another thing to add to it. You can display this sword at your home with other dragon collectibles. The dragon style makes it look fabulous. It isn't a sword you can ignore if you are a collector.


9. U.S. Artillery Sword - US Civil War Cavalry Short Sword

This US Cavalry Sabre short sword is worth a place in your arsenal. Talking about historically significant things, this is just another one. Or an even more significant. This is also quite shirt with just 20 inches overall length.

It is excellent for costume and cosplay use because it has an unsharpened blade. So, it does not matter if you are a cosplayer or an enthusiast, you deserve to have this fantastic sword.

Choose Your Short Sword!

So, this was our list of fantastic short sword, and we hope they have blown your mind. For an enthusiast, these are all masterpieces. Choose your favorites among them and add to your collection. Your mates would be impressed by seeing these exceptional swords in your arsenal!