7 Popular Hidden Blades
If you like to turn your favorite novels into movies, the next step is to find out how to make those movie adaptations successful. One important element of an adaptation that can help to make it more popular is a hidden blade. This blade represents a specific type of weapon used by fiction and film characters who are either Assassins or Templars. 

The term originates from the Assassin's Creed game title but has been used for years in other media such as comic books and television shows. The main idea behind a concealed blade is that it allows for ease of combat due to its concealed nature and ability to be easily carried on one's person without being noticed by others. 

However, this blade is also a popular choice among assassins that are able to cause lots of damage. This makes them easy to come by in the first place and makes them valuable for the assassins who use them, allowing for more security in their work. The main reason there are so many different types of these blades is that each one is suited for a different type of assassin (or enemy, from which they were stolen).

A Description of Hidden Blades

Concealed blades are objects disguised as something different that have some sort of sharp weapon on the other end. They can be attached to clothing, encased in the palm of a hand, or even hidden within crib toys for a child's enjoyment. You might not know it but you use this blade every day without knowing it.

Few people realize the quick and deadly side of these tools. They can conceal up to 8 inches of sharp metal that is hardened to the point where it cannot be broken with a pin or a paper clip. These weapons are most commonly found in the hand of assailants or hidden in hidden compartments that are easy to reach without being detected by those around them.

By hiding and concealing a blade, an individual can be able to attack his or her victim without having eyes on him or her. Anyone within striking distance of an assailant would not know that they were in danger until it was too late as the concealed weapon hits them first and slice away at their soft tissue, rendering them unconscious from blood loss and destruction from the sharp points.

All of these blades were created with the idea that they could be used effectively not only by assassins but also by other characters with similar fighting styles such as thieves and thugs.
Below are some examples of concealed blade designs and appearances from various fictional and real-life sources.  

1. Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden blade knives

Using real swords or similar weapons can be difficult in combat, especially if you are an assassin working on the go. This blade allows for easy concealment, as well as quick and efficient killing opportunities with one swift hand placement. Hidden blade knives include lipstick knife, pen knife, and knife necklace etc. 

2. The Rope Dart

This blade was specifically designed for climbing walls and finishing off guards that might be hiding behind corners or in closed spaces. It is a mechanical blade, which means it can be shot out onto walls and ceilings to give you more range than standard short blades would allow.

3. The Hook Blade

This is best used to swipe away at your enemy's face and force them to step back by surprise. This weapon helps to keep an enemy at a distance for more accurate and powerful strikes.

4. The Darts 


Darts can be shot from small-bladed weapons such as those that hook blades use, or from larger-bladed weapons such as short swords. These are the most versatile hidden blade knives since they can be used in many combat situations, whether you are attacking or just being attacked.

5. The Handled Blade 

This concealed blade is designed for stealth assassinations rather than quick kills with a single thrust. Instead of needing to close the distance on an enemy before delivering an attack, you can use this type of blade to easily strike your victim without alerting them to your presence.

6. The Gauntlet Blade 

Another stealth blade, this one is designed to fit over your hand and deliver a blow from a distance. It allows you to deliver a blow without alerting anyone around you, which makes it useful for those who want to deliver attacks on their prey before their target even knows they are there.

7. Jian 

This ancient Chinese knife doubles as a concealed blade in films made by Hong Kong actor and martial artist, Jackie Chan. In some films, he uses his own version of Jian to secretly kill his enemies while he appears as an innocent bystander or tourist in the scene.

Some of these examples are from the Assassin's Creed series, which is one of the largest (and most successful) franchises for these blades. Each individual game has its own blade for players to use, and each blade is suited to a specific fighting style that the lead character uses in that game. Other video games have similar concealed blades, but they are not limited to this particular game series.

Advantages of Carrying a Hidden Blade

There are a number of people who are interested in carrying hidden blades as a means to protect themselves. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of carrying concealed blades.

  • One advantage is that hiding your blade from sight means that most assailants won't be expecting it. It's true that steel is steel, but if you have to go on the attack with nothing but your bare hands, there's no guarantee you'll succeed. 
  • Most people don't have time to process what just happened before getting hit again or seeing their life flash before their eyes. If you surprise them and they don't even see it coming, you could put them in a situation where they wouldn't be able to respond and you could take that moment to run away.
  • Another advantage is that if someone should find your blade, it can be a liability. This is why concealed blades are the most popular choice among civilians. Your attacker might just throw it away if he sees it. They might ask for it back or even call the police if they think you're dangerous (which, granted, some of them might). 

Disadvantages of Having a Blade

  • The disadvantage of carrying a concealed blade is that people can sense when you have one on your person. If possible, I only carry cool pocket knives hidden under my sleeves. There are times when I'm not wearing a jacket and even that presents a challenge. I find the underarm-chest-underarm method is the most efficient way of maintaining my secret.
  • Another disadvantage of carrying concealed blades is the appearance of knives. The average person doesn't know how to tell if a knife is concealed or not, so they'll always be looking for something else. Just because they can't see you with your blade on them doesn't mean they won't try to take your other belongings or shoot them at you as you're running away.
  • The last disadvantage of carrying a weapon on your person is the risk of getting caught. People get arrested for things that don't seem like crimes to them. They might just be having a bad day, so if you're busted carrying a concealed blade, that could mean you're in for a lot more trouble than you thought.

What I Recommend for a  Hidden Blade!

Disadvantages aside, I strongly believe that every civilian should carry around some sort of weapon with them at all times. We live in a city and the streets are dangerous all over America. If you're in a situation where you need to use your knife, I hope it never comes down to that. 

But if you're in a situation where it's either your life or theirs and you must defend yourself, then all the practice in the world means nothing without practice under fire. When carrying cool knives, you have to think about what you'll do if you don't have your hidden blade. 

This blade can help you protect yourself and provide an element of surprise when defending yourself. This blade is held in a person’s hand, like a knife. These blades are possibly the most versatile weapon for self-defense because they can be used from the inside or outside of clothing, making it hard for an attacker to know you have one.