airsoft games with airsoft rifles

The modern kids are not found in the playgrounds playing field games, rather, they are more busy playing video games on the screens. Yes, that’s what we see quite often, but the trend is slightly changing. Some trendsetters have turned the attention of people back to a few field games, and to me, those trendsetters deserve a salute. 

One of the field games that have become common these days is airsoft. If you are an American, you must know at least some fundamental things about this game. This field game is becoming dramatically popular in the US. The best thing about the game is that it takes the players to the open field, and allows them to get rid of screens.

So, what’s that special about this game that everyone is crazy to play it? Let me introduce this game to you even though I know many of you have a brief idea about the game. It is a scenario based game that is played between two teams (most commonly). The players are equipped with Spring airsoft rifles, airsoft pistols, or airsoft sniper rifles. However, most of the games involve the use of rifles. 

airsoft game rifles

So, the game is based on a scenario that is determined before, and different games have different scenarios. Scenario refers to the situation that is set on the field along with rules and principles of the game. The airsofters need to follow these specific, prescribed rules. So, the essentials of the game include the field, the scenario and most importantly, the airsoft guns.

There are plenty of game types and each involves a use of different weapons. For instance, a few close quarter combat games just include the use of pistols, sniping games include the use of sniper rifles. However, airsoft rifles are the weapons that can be used in almost every type of game. If you have your airsoft rifles, there are several enjoyable games you can play on the field. 

We suggest the 7 fun airsoft games here that can be played with airsoft rifles. Let’s explore their scenarios and rules.

1. Shot and Reverse

This game worth a play. Rush for airsoft sniper rifles and get on the field to play this fun game. Rules and very simple, but I promise you would find the rules interesting. What happens is, there are two teams equally numbered. However, don’t take the game too far, just have five or six players on each side. 

This will make the game more thrilling. Every player would shoot the opponents, and if he manages to shoot, the player that is struck with the BB won’t be terminated. 

Instead, he would then join the other team and shoot his former teammates. This would continue until one of the team is completely terminated (I mean gone to the other side).

I often play this game, it goes longer than others, but provides more fun. The game is a challenging one, it would test your stamina on the field and your tactical abilities. The rules are a bit like a very common airsoft game, Zombie. However, in Zombie, the Zombies don’t have the airsoft rifles to fire their opponents. 

So, if you have to choose one game to play, make sure it is Shot and Reverse.

2. Last Man Standing

I know Americans watch WWE, and if you do, you must be familiar with this term “Last Man Standing.” It is a match in which two or more wrestlers fight each other and the one who stands tall in the end wins the game. 

In airsoft, this is a very similar game with one exception. In WWE, there is a count-out as well, and the wrestler who stands tall once that count-out ends wins the game. There is no count-out in airsoft game though. In this version, there would be no teams. 

A group of a few friends can play. What I love about this game is that numbers don’t matter. You are 4,5,6, 10 or more, you are welcome to play.

Considering the rules, the players will have the airsoft rifles and they will shoot each other randomly. Yes, you can move around on the field to survive the BBs. 

The person who is shot would be terminated and the game would be continued between the remaining players. The game is not ended unless there is one man remained on the field. That man is the last man standing and he is in fact the winner. This is another game that requires tactical skills. 

Also, this is fascinating and stimulating.

3. Escort

Unlike Last Man Standing, this game requires you to make two groups. One group includes the attackers while the other includes the defenders. These two must be numbered equally, but this is not necessary. 

However, the defenders would have one additional man whom they can call a VIP or a President (most of occasions). The defenders need to protect their VIP from the attackers and escort him to a safe point. Both defenders and attackers would be armed with the airsoft rifles. 

They would fire against each other with an aim to terminate the other side completely. If the attackers manage to terminate the defenders and then kill the VIP, they win the competition. 

On the other hand, if defenders manage to terminate the attackers, or take the VIP to the safe position before getting him killed, they win.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

The defenders would do their best to protect the VIP by gathering around him and save him from flying BBs. This game type is simple. But, if you want to make the game more interesting, you can lessen either the number of attackers or the number of defenders. 

This would demand the reduced number of players to be tactical and use a calculated approach to kill the other side and accomplish the mission. So, take your airsoft rifles and protect or kill the VIP. Sounds exciting and adventurous, doesn’t it?

4. Replace the Opponents’ Flag

This is another walloping game to play on the field with your airsoft rifles. Here again, there would be a couple of teams with each of them having their fort. Both forts would feature the flags of the respective team. 

Your flag can be a small piece of cloth, but make sure to have different colored flags. There must be equal number of players on both sides. A few players would be on the expedition to replace the opponent’s flag with their own while the rest would be guarding their own flag from the opponents. 

So, the aim is to place your flag after taking out the flag of your opponents in their fort.

Both the flag replaces and the flag defenders would have the top airsoft guns for ideal shooters. If you are a group of six, three of them must defend their flag while the other three should go to replace the flag. If the defenders hit the replaces, they would become the prisoners. 

They can be freed if they are tagged by the teammate. The team that manages to replace the flag first, wins the game. Also, if either of the team is completely terminated, the other team wins.

5. Return Fire

Since we are counting the games that provide endless fun and excitement, Return Fire had to be included in this list. Initially, I thought about leaving this game, but it was injustice with the game and with the airsofters not to enlist this game. 

So, Return Fire is a game that also features a few snipers. So, if you only have the airsoft rifles, this may not work, get some sniper rifles too for engaging in this amazing game. Return Fire is also known as Ambush in different parts of the world. 

There would be two teams as mentioned, one is the smaller team featuring a few snipers while the other is a greater team featuring the infantry troops.

The objective of the snipers is to kill all the infantry troops before they cross a specified path. That path must be predetermined. The snipers should be given time to hide and they are allowed to move around. 

The troops can find and kill the snipers as well with their airsoft rifles. So, snipers would make sure to kill all the troops to win the game. For the troops, they can either kill the sniper or cross that specified location to win the game. 

This is also a tactical game, specifically for the snipers who have less time to react and need to build a strategy to stop troops from reaching the safe path.

6. Manhunt

Manhunt is a wonderful game, but requires airsoft rifles with better accuracy and broader range. If you are a fan of playing airsoft games in the night, this has to be your go-to game. 

I use to play this game when its dark. In a sunny day, it would be the easiest games on the field, but during the night, it becomes challenging and hence, more thrilling. There are no teams in this game. The scenario is that there would be a prey, and the rest of the players would be hunters.

The prey would run around the field and will make sure to safely get to the safe point. On the other hand, the hunters would hunt him with their airsoft rifles. However, they need to hit him before he reaches the safe point. 

This game is played on bigger fields, allowing the prey to have an excessive area to run and save his life. The hunter that hits the prey first wins the game. However, the hunters are not allowed to shoot each other. This game is ideal for a small group of friends. 

If you lack number of players, play this game, and I promise, it would be a memorable one. Also, you can play a series of this game because it isn’t very time consuming compared to other games enlisted here.

7. Get The Bricks

This is perhaps the simplest game on this list. It can be played either on a large field or a small field. However, the players should be equipped with the airsoft rifles. 

There are can be 10 or more bricks (must be determined before the game). These bricks are hidden somewhere on the field. The players must be equally divided into two teams. 

One team has to bring five or more bricks (also a matter that should be settled before the game starts) to their own base. The team that brings the bricks first would win the game. However, you have to be careful while searching for the bricks. 

Tactical spring airsoft sniper rifles

You need to avoid the BBs or protect yourself against the BBs as well. This is one of the close quarter combat games. You would be encountered by your opponents while looking for the bricks.

There is a strategy that you need to make in order to win the game. You can first attempt to kill the opponents because if all the members are killed, you can easily take the bricks to your base.

I hope you are planning to play a few or all of these games. I regularly play these games, and believe me I enjoy every second of it. This is why I recommend you to play them at least once. In fact, I love the scenarios of all of these, and as everyone knows, it's the scenario that makes the game thrilling and interesting. 

It doesn’t matter which airsoft rifles you have, get on the field and play. So, go ahead, enjoy the games!