6.5" Gold Spring Assisted Open Folding Blade Pocket Knife Belt Clip

This folding knife is the perfect tool to carry around in your pocket. Featuring a sharp and durable steel blade, this knife will get the job done. Now, the blade deploys with an unparalleled quickness, so you'll be able to outdraw just about anybody. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and offers an excellent grip. With its steel blade and beautiful handle the Folding Knife is a genuine eye-catcher. The blade is very practical and excels at doing just about any task you would demand of it.
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Here is the best knife to have in your collection. This Gold Spring Assisted Open Folding Blade Pocket Knife is a beauty and a masterpiece. The size of 6.5 inches is the perfect one for an EDC knife. What makes it an ideal everyday carry tool is the belt clip attached to it. You can easily attach it to your belt and then carry it comfortably around your waist. The knife is quick to be deployed, thanks to the spring mechanism it features. You have to partially open the blade before the spring opens it completely. An ideal knife to carry for EDC cutting and self defense! 

This Gold Spring Assisted Open Folding Blade Pocket Knife is an example of fabulous craftsmanship. The gold finish makes it a beauty! It is also a durable knife made of high quality stainless steel. The blade possesses strength to cut the hardest of the materials. The blade can be folded inside the handle to carry it easily in your pocket as well. 

This Gold Spring Assisted Open Folding Blade Pocket Knife has a wooden handle while a steel blade. It can be a great gift for one of your mates too. The overall length of the knife is 6.5 inches. The blade is small, 3 inches and the handle is almost 4 inches. 


  • 8" Overall Length
  • 3" Blade Length
  • 3.75" Handle Length


  • Day Zero Survival Sping Assisted Knife
  • Crafted Using High Quality Steel
  • 420 Steel Blade Material
  • All Gold Color With Wood Handle
  • Easy & Safe Carry
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Ideal Gift for your Loved Ones

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