Nunchucks, typically known as nunchaku in Japan, is a tool used in ancient Japan for diverse purposes. Most of us are aware of this weapon due to Bruce Lee who is seen operating it on the big screen on several occasions. 

If you have watched him performing with nunchuck on the big screen, you would agree that there is a great level of skill required to operate this incredibly amazing weapon.  Nunchuck is an amazing weapon that can offer numerous benefits if you train yourself with them. nunchaku training is the most useful training you would have ever be a part of.

How to use Nunchucks?

Now that you are highly in awe of the benefits of using nunchucks, you must learn this skill by heart. Yes, it is a little tough for beginners to get familiar with this art but things eventually get better with time and experience. 

If you are still confused about how to use this weapon correctly, we are here to help you. Read through this article to get to know about all the things that you may need to know. By following these tips and techniques you will be a pro in no time.

  • Begin By Investing In A Practice Nunchucks:

Foam nunchucks are generally preferred for this purpose. They are relatively safe to use. It means that if in case you hit yourself while practicing you will not get injured at all. Therefore, this is crucial for every beginner.

  • Practice In An Empty Room:

While using this weapon it is quite possible for you to hit objects and people around you. In this case, you may break sensitive decorative items or delicate crockery sets too. And so, experts suggest that you must practice nunchaku tricks in an empty room.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Another precious tip is to wear comfortable clothes while practicing. This will make things easier for you. It will also make it possible for you to practice and try tricky moves.


  • Begin Slowly:

Keep in mind that you are just a beginner, therefore, you must not dare to move super-fast. It will increase your chance of facing a serious injury that you might regret later on. I am sure you do not want to face any such unfortunate incident so, be aware and practice slowly.

  • Improve Your Skills With Basic Moves:

As a sensible person, you must first practice the basic moves dedicatedly. Practice truly makes a man perfect. Once you have thoroughly learned all the basics of using this splendid nunchucks weapon, you can now move towards the complex ones.

  • Gradually Learn Complex Moves:

The next step is to try and practice all the professional moves that you have seen in your favorite Bruce Lee movies. Yes, you can now live the life of your dreams. Basic moves were just to make you more aware of all the difficulties that you may face.

However, complex moves are to polish your basic skills and to help you be an expert performer.

  • Invest In Wooden Nunchucks:

By now, you have learned most of the basic and complex moves. You may now use your creativity to improvise, redesign or create new moves of your own. You are also now ready to invest in a wooden nunchaku. All these simple tips will help you establish yourself as an unparalleled nunchaku performer. 

Following are some of the key advantages you can achieve from nunchucks training.

1. Better Coordination

Nunchucks training improves your coordination. Nunchaku is a tremendous weapon if you are a beginner trying to get skilled with it. In addition, if you are an athlete, you must try using them to enhance your hand eye coordination. 

For every sportsman in the world, a hand eye coordination is necessary for better performance on the field. So, nunchucks training provides you exactly that. It makes you perform swings, catches and strikes, and they are key to up your coordination.  Hence, if you are a sportsman, this will lead to enhanced coordination on the sports field.

2. Better Concentration

Concentration is among the greatest necessities for every individual. Whether you are a worker, a sportsman, an athlete or any other professional, lack of concentration can be a great barrier against your work. 

Nunchaku training allows you to get rid of lacked concentration. While mastering the art of nunchaku, you learn to increase your concentration. The concentration of swinging and catching the nunchaku translates into your productivity and lifting outside of fitness. 

Hence, if you lack concentration and want to increase it to a great extent, make sure to get a nunchaku and start training yourself with it.

3. Improved Strength

Nunchucks training plays a fundamental role in conditioning and strength gains. It can be a great alternative to gym workout. Once you have mastered the basic strikes, catches and spins, it can be a regular workout for strengthening your body. 

A regular workout including spins, catches and strikes with nunchuck is sweaty and demanding. It would dramatically enhance your heart rate and you will find yourself in a wonderful cardio workout. 

This workout is ideal for working the forearms and loosening the wrists to some extent. Isn’t it better than expensive and time consuming gym workouts?

4. Work the Creative Mind

Training with nunchucks can be considered a sort of art. Once you learn and master the fundamental catches and strikes, you can move on to learn some combination and drills.  You can also create your own combinations and moves if you work to exert your own creativity. You can use your mind to establish some new and creative moves with the nunchucks. 

It is excellent to get your brain engaged in consistent thinking and coming up with certain new ideas. These ideas may relate to the training, workout or other techniques.  This is also useful in relieving stress and overpowering the different obstacles. So, swing your nunchaku and push your tensions away.

5. Learn Some Self Defense Techniques

Do you know that nunchaku is one of the common self defense weapons used nowadays? You may not be aware, but the people have adopted it as a tool for protection. 

Perhaps, they are impressed with the way Bruce Lee used it for his defense in some of his movies. Nunchucks can be pretty effective if you are required to defend yourself against the attackers. 

Several martial arts schools in Japan and other parts of the world teach different techniques of self defense using nunchucks. If you train yourself with nunchucks, you can learn several ways to defend yourself with this useful weapon. 

You can watch the videos on YouTube regarding how you may use it to get rid of the attackers. However, if you have learned swinging, catching and spinning it, this is enough to deal with the attackers.  A quick and forceful swing can cause a severe injury to the attackers.

6. Learn Techniques of Using Nunchakus

It is always nice to learn some new skills. At one point of your life, you may need to learn the skills you normally don’t require. I hope you won’t mind learning an incredible weapon like a nunchaku. 

Isn’t it great to learn the tricks that Bruce Lee performed, and then replicate them to impress your friends? Not the easiest weapon to learn, but a skilled operator of nunchucks would always get appreciation and applauds from the people. 

Most importantly, if you learn the techniques of using it, it can be a handy self defense weapon.

How to Get Started with Nunchuck Training?

So, this is the most obvious question you may ask, and I won’t mind answering it. When I first purchased a pair of nunchucks, I could hardly swing it. At times, I ended up striking myself, but luckily, I suffered no injury. 

However, with consistent practice I learned some tricks. You would be surprised that I learned most of the tricks by watching the movies of Bruce Lee. I re winded the movie during his performance with the nunchucks and closely observed and followed the techniques that he used. 

In addition, I watched plenty of tutorials on YouTube and finally mastered the art of using nunchaku. So, I would recommend a similar method to all of you if you are looking to get started with nunchucks training. However, unlike me, buy a practice pair of nunchucks to avoid any injuries. 

Watch the movies of Bruce Lee and learn the techniques he used. Watch the tutorial videos on YouTube and learn swings, catches and strikes as a part of your nunchakus training.  Hence, get started with your training and figure out the usefulness of this incredible weapon yourself by availing the benefits I mentioned above.