Airsoft Guns have become increasingly popular around the world. The craze of these guns have urged people to buy and use them. However, many are still confused about whether to use these guns or not. 

We have taken our time to answer several questions that people often ask about these guns. 

Following are the 6 frequently asked questions and their brief answers: 

1. Are Airsoft Guns Real?

Airsoft guns are considered realistic guns, but not exactly real. A realistic thing is close to real but actually not real. These guns are sometimes known as replica guns because they replicate the original designs. They are designed as the replica firearms for experiencing realistic firing. 

Though many consider them toy guns, but they are far better than those. They work exactly like real firearms, and even have similar parts. 

Considering their parts, they have identical parts to the guns they are replica of. From the type of magazine to trigger, everything is the same. However, one thing that makes these guns unreal is the bullets they use. 

These guns don’t fire real bullets, rather they use plastic bullets often called BBs. Hence, this is the only difference between these replica guns and real guns. So, you can consider them realistic, but not exactly real. 

2. Do Airsoft Guns Cause Injuries?

Airsoft guns don’t cause any injuries; they are pretty safe to use. They are designed for safe shooting experience. They are not supposed to cause any damage since they are made of plastic. Plastic BBs are usually small and hence they don’t cause any pain. 

If you are hit by a plastic BB, you may feel slight pain temporarily, but no real damage would be done. So, these guns are not meant to cause injuries even when fired from a closer distance. However, they are still dangerous if hit any sensitive part of the body. 

For example, if they strike your eyes, you may lose your eyes permanently. This is why you need to wear eye protection while shooting or playing with these guns. 

Not just eye protection, but face protection is also necessary. Whenever you head to a place to enjoy shooting, you need to wear face and eye protection. A plastic BB may not be very threatening, but your eyes and face are always vulnerable. 

If you are careless, you may end up getting deprived of one of your eyes. So, be careful and wear eye protection even if plastic BBs don’t cause injuries. 

3. Should Kids Use Airsoft Guns?

One thing parents are always worried about is the injuries to their kids while playing with toy guns. As mentioned before, airsoft guns are not the old-fashioned toy guns, these are replica guns that work like original firearms. Also, they use small sized BBs made of plastic that don’t pose any threat to the kids. 

As a parent, you must allow your kids to play with these guns. There are many reasons they would prove to be advantageous for them. First of all, kids can learn about real firearms because airsoft guns are pretty realistic. They can understand the working mechanism of the guns.

In addition, they can experience shooting in a safe manner. There is no chance of getting injured. But, make sure they put on face protection and eye protection while heading to the field for playing with these guns. 

Airsoft is a great way of keeping your children away from smartphones and computer games. They would focus on playing airsoft games on the field rather than spending time on the screen. We all want our kids to get engaged in a physical activity, and there is nothing better than airsoft. 

While playing airsoft games, your kids would be running around the field which is a great way to build their stamina and physical strength. Also, these games urge them to use their minds while building strategies for defeating their opponents. So, it is good to sharpen their minds. Hence, kids should use airsoft guns to gain the advantages mentioned above. 

4. How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

The working mechanism of airsoft guns is pretty similar to that of real firearms. There is a magazine that you need to load, cock the gun and then pull the trigger to fire. But, exploring the whole mechanism, there is a difference between the types of airsoft guns. Airsoft guns are of three types, gas, electric and spring airsoft guns. All these have different working mechanisms. 

Electric guns tend to use a battery as a source of power. There is a spring-loaded pistol pump included in these types of guns that propel and compress the BBs in a cyclic oscillation. On the other hand, gas powered guns use compressed gas for propelling the BBs. 

Spring airsoft guns use a coil spring which drives the pistol pump within the framework which is released upon pulling the trigger. The pressurized air in the pump cylinder propels the BBs as a result. 

5. What are the Types of Airsoft Guns?

Generally, you have both airsoft rifles and pistols available in the market. But, the types differ as per their working mechanism. There are three types, including gas powered, spring powered and electric airsoft guns. Let’s figure out how these three types differ from each other:

Spring Powered: Spring Powered guns use a spring which has potential energy stored in it. This energy compresses the air to load BBs down the barrel. This gun requires you to cock it everytime you want to shoot. Cocking refers to pulling back the bolt or slide on the gun and then releasing it. 

Hence, these guns don’t feature automatic or even semi automatic firing modes. 

Electric Air Guns: Electric airsoft guns, also known as AEGs use rechargeable batteries for driving the electric motors installed in these guns. As a result, it cycles an internal piston for loading the BBs. The advantage of these types of guns is that they offer both automatic and semi automatic shooting modes. 

These are most frequently used guns because they offer greater speed and firing range. 

Gas Airsoft Guns: There are two types of gas airsoft guns, blowback and non-blowback guns. Non-blowback guns don’t require cocking the slide and can fire in a semi automatic mode. Necessarily, they don’t feature any slide or bolt. However, they are not often very realistic. 

Gas blowback guns are known for their realism and accuracy. These guns use CO2 gas as a common source for shooting BBs. These types of guns can fire in a semi automatic mode. You don’t need to cock the slide before each shot. However, the slide kicks back after every shot. 

6. What Activities Can You Do With Airsoft Guns?

Many people are curious to know what to do with these guns. Airsoft guns are made for different outdoor activities. You can engage in plenty of thrilling activities, but there are a couple of the most significant activities to do with them. 

Here they are explained:

1. Airsoft Games: Airsoft gaming is the most obvious activity to do with airsoft guns. In fact, these guns are designed for this particular purpose. Airsoft games are played on a specific field where no other person can interfere. But, this is not something for a single or a couple of persons. You need to team up with an equal number of players on each side. 

The airsoft games are based on different military simulations. There are specific rules for each game, and each game has different regulations. For instance, there is a game called “Sniper” in which there is a single or a couple of snipers who fight other players. The sniper has to hide at a certain place before the other players spot to kill them. 

There are plenty of different games with interesting rules. In a game known as “Zombie”, there are two groups, one is the humans and the other zombies. When a zombie touches a human, that human becomes a zombie too. To win, the humans need to kill the zombies. Otherwise, zombies win. 

Another interesting game is the “President” in which there are two teams equally numbered. One team is the defender of the President while the other team looks to kill him. If they manage to kill the president before his defenders take him to a safe spot, they win. However, if he safely reaches that spot, the defenders win. 

So, airsoft games is the most thrilling activity to do with airsoft guns. There is no rule on which type of gun you should use for playing these games. However, airsoft gaming offers unending excitement and fun. 

2. Target Practice: Another exciting activity you can do with these guns is target practice. You can build a wooden target and draw a few circles on it. Start shooting on the target one by on to determine who is the best shooter. In other words, you can determine who has the best accuracy while shooting. 

Target practice is an advantageous activity because it improves your target hitting ability. It also lets you experience some realistic shooting on target. If you don’t bother building a wooden target, you can focus on smashing different objects. You can place a few cans in a line to determine who hits most number of cans. 

Don’t worry about which type of gun you need for this activity. Pick any gun and start shooting, You can initiate a competition between your family members and mates to make the activity more enjoyable. 

3. Military Training: One key thing to do with airsoft guns is military training and reenactment. Since these are safe replica guns and provide a realistic shooting experience, the new military staff can be trained using these guns. 

Not only are kids welcome to play with these guns, the military staff is welcome as well to enjoy the sport and practice their shooting skills and war tactics. Ideal for them is to play airsoft games and apply different tactics to win the games. 

Military personnel can play a lot of games such as sniper, President, Rescue the Hostage and similar games to make sure they get well-prepared to accomplish their real-world assignments. 

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