womens pocket knife

As women, we are told time and again to wait for the knight in shining armor to come and rescue us. This mentality means most of us are rendered unskilled in the department of protecting ourselves from trials and tribulations of everyday life. 

Now it's time to unlearn the sexist rhetoric and our faith in a good old women's pocket knife because trust me, no knight can beat this blade no matter how shiny his armor is.

Now that we have established to break the glass ceiling and learn to protect ourselves, we need to think about how to achieve that without losing out on our femininity. Turns out, a woman's pocket knife can not only be your self defense tool but bring much needed eye candy to your purse, pocket or makeup kit.

So how to go about choosing the perfect women's pocket knife? Well, there are some pointers.

How Women's Pocket Knife Differs From That of Men's?

Agree to disagree, but while women and men are equal as intellectual beings, their preferences, body types and strengths differ from one another. 

That doesn't mean women are any lesser, it's just that women's pocket knives are designed keeping certain things in mind that help women carry their self defense weapons better. Let's look at some variables that must be kept in mind while buying your folding knives.


It goes without saying but women generally prefer carrying lightweight stuff in their hands, pockets or bags. While men like a big bulky knife for god knows what reasons, women's pocket knife has to be as light as possible. Half an ounce is a pretty good poundage while looking for your everyday carry knife.


Women's hands are biologically smaller and more delicate than that of men's. This means it is better to buy yourself (give your female friends if you are a man reading this) a smaller women's pocket knife. 

While most folding knives are designed to fit into pockets, even women's pockets are smaller. So buy something that is even smaller than an average knife size. Something less than 4" when fully closed in ideal.


Nook likes a thick broad blade as their everyday carry. But women's pocket knives need especially to be slimmer, thinner and more slender. Women love slenderness and delicacy so blades such as a spear point and sheep's foot are ideal buys for a pocket knife that looks more feminine yet is sharp and effective for cutting and stabbing.


Women love a whopping color even for their self defense weapons. So a pink pocket knife or a rainbow blade are ideal as women's pocket knives. Try to avoid boring camo handles or plain black covers. 

Add some pop to your everyday carry knives with bedazzling color schemes and gold finishes. You will be more inclined to carry a weapon if it looks inviting and non threatening. 


As women, we are known for our resourcefulness and practicality. We look for the same in our everyday carry weapons. So, a woman's pocket knife need not be just a knife. 

It would be best if it has a utility value beyond just being a self defense weapon. There are many multi purpose knives out there and those are the ones that will attract you more when buying a folding knife.

Now that we have discussed the ins and outs of women's pocket knives let's move on from the specifics and give you our top 5 pocket knives perfect for women.

1 - Rainbow Stiletto Style Knife

Our first pick is equally popular amongst men and women. This women's pocket knife gives you a dazzling array of popping rainbow colors with the ruthless cutting and slicing abilities of a street style blade. The knife has a rainbow handle as well as a titanium polished rainbow blade that gives the 3cr13 steel a corrosion resistance of many years.

This beautiful and slender women's pocket knife is spring assisted for a smooth opening with a flipper is guaranteed. A compact self defense knife is capable of cutting the hardest of skins and can protect you against muscular attackers who thought you were too db. to go jogging in a secluded park.

The rainbow blade offers a kaleidoscopic color scheme that is pleasing to the eye and light on the consciousness since we know carrying a murky dark blade would put off immediately as soon as you lay eyes on it.

Don't be deceived by the beauty of this woman's pocket knife as this one is as lethal as it is aesthetically elegant. So if you are someone who loves to add a bit of pop to their space, this knife will settle right in your hood.

2 - Tactical Gold Tanto Knife

The tactical knives appeal to all women. Who wants a blade that just does the cutting? This tactical knife is a godsend if you love women's pocket knives to not just sit aimlessly around everyday. This knife has all the tactical features that will make you reach out for it more than once in a day even in a non hostile situation.

The gold handle has a glass breaker tip if you want to make a quick escape from your car in an emergency situation. There is also a seat belt cutter provided that can cut through thickest of material. These features make this woman's pocket knife an all rounder.

The tanto blade takes care of all your chopping, cutting, slicing and slitting with ease and precision. Women want something that is a jack of all trades and this knife is it. Not only will this sharp blade be right up your sleeve when it comes to light weight and small size, it can scare off any attacker who dares to look your way.

The cherry on the cake is the gold plated blade and handle that just lifts the whole ensemble up and adds a much needed fines to this bad boy.

3 - Lipstick Knife

The smallest and lightest women's pocket knife on this list, this concealed self defense weapon is made for the stealthy diva in you. You don't want to be seen carrying any blade on you? Well, not an issue.

The lipstick knife is an ideal women's pocket knife with its 2.5" long size. The concealed blade is just about an inch long. Your self defense weapon is lighter than a feather but is capable of some serious damage. That's what we call a stellar package.

Unlike other knives, this hidden blade weapon can be kept in a pocket or a purse or even laid out for all to see but none to notice the hidden knife underneath the lip case. It is super easy to world as it opens just like you would flip open a lipstick. No special training needed for that right? 

This woman's pocket knife will grace your makeup kit without looking out of place. You ladies deserve the best and this weapon is it. Let any miscreant know who is the boss with this power packed lipstick that you would have zero issues carrying everyday.

4 - Pen Knife

Women love thin slim tools that serve more than one purpose. Our pen knife makes for an ideal women's pocket knife that needs so concealing. You can proudly put this pen in your pocket and go about your day without having to worry about any troublemaker around your (and there are many).

The pen knife is a thin spear point 3" blade hidden within the pen case. Tug at the handle and out pops the women's pocket knife with ease and dexterity of a skilled knife carrier. With its innocent look and graceful design, this little knife would fit right in into your ensemble without alerting anyone or causing your distress.

The pen knife has a functional pen nib so here is your practicality. Have the power to sign off letters and keep your attackers away with this sharp beauty. Women love being discrete so why should their defense be any different?

5 - Pink Butterfly Knife

Last but certainly not the least, we have a perfect little fun knife for all women who love playing around with their blades. Have fun with this women's pocket knife that is designed to be one parts defense and two parts plaything for all you female knife enthusiasts out there.

This colorful butterfly knife will not just come to your aid as a self defense weapon (with its ultra long 3cr13 blade)it will also be a fun little trinket when you are bored out of your wits and need a flipping and swinging thing you can play around with.

The butterfly knife tricks are a whole beast on their own and you don't need to learn them to own this women's pocket knife. Just buy it for its sheer beauty and rainbow blades and dual handles. More color, more merriment and more joy all around with this folding knife.

So here were our top 5 women's pocket knives. Agree with our picks? Headover and look for your favorite pocket knife and get your life secured.