5 of the Best Cool Knives

Our daily lives include lots of tasks which involve knives in one form or another. These bladed tools are used to perform simple and tough jobs alike. The fact that we use them so much that we are unfamiliar with their true origins is quite unfortunate. 

Cutting, slicing, skinning, piercing, hunting, and fishing are some of the tasks we can perform with these incredible knives. Does each type of knife serve a specific purpose? Our kitchen knives are not the only type but most of us believe that to be the case. Originally, people used knife-like tools to do their everyday chores and for self-defense, made out of stone and metals like brass.

Cool Knives Are Evolving With Time

 There were many cool knives designed after them, and their structure and design were perpetually updated to keep up with technology, resulting in a better quality of life for people. They were all similar in functionality, but didn't have the same design. 

The range of these knives we now possess is so vast, it's hard to decide between them. These knives have each developed their own specialties and are designed to provide assistance with a certain type of task. 

Cool Knives: The Variety of Categories 

There is simply no end to the variety of cool knives. Currently, we can choose from many types, designs, and kinds. Consequently, in order to select a knife that will suit you best, you must have a basic understanding of all knife types. 

Cool knives

  • Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives serve a variety of purposes and can be found in many different sizes. However, there are six types of these cool knives that may be the most essential to have as part of your kitchen arsenal: chef’s knife, utility knife, paring knife, boning knife, serrated or slicing knife and carving fork.

  • Their Purpose And Uses
Kitchen knives come in many shapes and sizes. However, the most common kitchen knives are generally considered to be the chef's knife, utility knife, paring knife, boning knife, serrated, etc.  The chef's knife has a long handle and is used for cutting meat while using a rocking motion. 

The utility knife is designed to cut meat but also other materials such as vegetables or fruit. Paring cool pocket knives have a small but stiff blade that allows you to slice items like peppers or tomatoes with very little effort.

  • Cool Pocket Knives

The most common type of cool knife is the pocket knife, also known as a folding knife. Since folding knives are made of movable blades, their handles become the blades as well when they are closed. 

This versatile tool is ideal for performing many tasks that are part of EDC (Everyday Care). Cut small things, such as rope, fruits and vegetables, open packages and letters with these sharp little blades, and you can use them to defend yourself. 

Do you wonder how they can be of use for self-defense if they are so small? Their small size is actually their strongest point. Small, light and easy to carry, they are perfect for self-defense. There are two main categories of these cool knives:

  • Spring Assisted Knives
Pocket knives that feature spring assist are widely used and people prefer to use them over all others when they need a convenient tool for daily use. The spring-assisted mechanism on these cool pocket knives allows them to operate. 

It is possible to open and close these knives with their liner locks. Most of the time this kind of knife has a thumb stud or flipper on the blade, allowing it to be opened with the thumb when pressure is applied. 

Spring Assisted Knives

  • Automatic Knives
Pocket knives that use automatic switchblades operate with the press of an automatic button found on the handle. The blade of these cool knives appears right in front of your face as soon as you press the button.

  • Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives cannot move, but folding knives' blades can. Due to the fixed blade of these knives, they are dependable and durable. Their blades are generally strong and sturdy and come with full tangs.  Consequently, they can be used for longer. These are ideal for outdoor tasks requiring strength. Various types of these cool knives can be categorized as fixed blade knives.

There is a particular purpose for each of these knives and each one has its own specific functionality. Regardless of its purpose, it can be used for anything. It is true that knives are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, but they perform best when used for the purpose for which they were designed. 

  • Fillet Knives

Fillet knives are used exclusively for fileting fish. Fish meat is separated from its bones with this cool knife. Small filet knives and big filet knives are the two types of filet knives. The length of a filet knife's blade varies from four to nine inches, depending on its type. You will never waste meat with these knives and achieve the best results. 

  • Bowie Knife

For many years, we have known about the Bowie knife. The Sandbar fight along the Mississippi River, during which Jim Bowie used this knife. The bowie knife gave Jim Bowie the edge he needed to win the fight despite being shot and stabbed. 

These unique knives are used for hunting, skinning, and simply for collecting. This lovely knife offers a unique and fascinating design, which makes it the perfect choice for use during wilderness expeditions.

Bowie Knife

  • Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden Blade Knives are cool knives that are disguised as items such as pens or lipstick. They are commonly used in spy movies and novels to allow their user to wield their blade with little fear of being discovered by enemies. Nowadays, concealed blades are illegal in most countries and carry heavy jail-time if used in a crime; however, it is believed that they have been used since as early as the Warring States period. 

  • Lipstick Knife
Lipstick knife? You know, those little tubes of lip gloss that you find next to the other makeup and beauty items. They're pretty useless as far as serving their original purpose — but they're not just for looks! In fact, these knives are surprisingly useful for self-defense.

Here's why: first off, these lipsticks contain metal filings that can easily slice through skin and tissue (you might've felt this before when trying to remove a tube of lipstick from its casing). Secondly, the metal of these knives allows you to conceal it in your hand – it can slip right into your pocket.

  • Pen Knife
A pen knife is a small folding cool knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle which can be used for cutting materials varying in size from fine silk to thick leather. Also, these knives are good self defense knives. 

The handle of this hidden blade knife is typically of the same material as the blade and may be fashioned in such a way so as to provide additional grip and prevent slippage. The design of the handle generally dictates where on the blade it will fold onto when closed.

Pen Knife

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  • Karambit Knife

Karambits are curved, single-edged blades from Southeast Asia. They're slender and easy to conceal beneath clothing or a jacket. These knives were traditionally worn on the side of the waist by both men and women, usually together with a wavy bladed kris. 

Nowadays they're most frequently used as self-defense weapons rather than dress accessories. They're mainly popular in the South East Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

  • Qualities And Applications
Despite their small size, these cool knives can be quite effective; they're so thin that a skilled user can do serious damage to an adversary with one well-placed cut or thrust. You may have seen karambit-wielding martial artists in action. 

In reality most of them use them as utility knives or to open beverage cans rather than for self defense. There is no real need for us to use it for self defense when the ordinary pocket knives are good enough at it  or maybe not that effective due to their small size. Also, karambit is a perfect knife for playing tricks. 

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Which One Is Your Favorite of these Cool Knives?

You can't do without a knife when it comes to everyday chores. Make sure you have these cool knives in your arsenal. As they are great to use in almost any situation, you can use them whenever necessary. Choose the knife you prefer and enjoy.