Front firing blank guns

Front firing blank guns are currently ruling over the world of weapons. Most people actually find it fascinating to own such an outclass weapon for numerous reasons. Occasional weapon users also prefer these guns because they are better suited to serve a specific purpose in their life.

Are you also intrigued to buy this weapon? If yes, go ahead, give it a buy as soon as you can. It has the potential to introduce you to an unseen world of weapons.

If you are not finding the one that fits in your criteria, browse through our collection once. There you will find the weapon of your choice.

Key Point to Ponder:

Unfortunately, buyers have reportedly faced the issue of not finding the front firing blank guns of their choice. To be honest, it is practically impossible for every weapon manufacturer to produce goods for all.

However, critics often speak of this ability as the buyer's credibility in the world wide weapon market. There are several other factors that sometimes restrict the buyer from denying their thirst for buying these front venting blank guns.

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One of the significant among them is the cost of these weapons. Yes, most of the front firing blank guns weigh too heavy on your pocket. Even though buyers claim that the high price of these weapons is justified by their durability and effectiveness, it is difficult for a layman to invest in these guns.

5 Front Firing Blank Guns Available Up to $100:

So, if the price of this weapon is compelling you to turn down your wish of investing in them, we are here to help you.

We have thoughtfully compiled this article to let you know about the 5 most popular front firing blank guns that you may purchase at less than 100$.

Let's have a look at them now.

1.  Zoraki Front Firing M914 Satin Finish 9mm Blank Gun Pistol:

This weapon is a vision in itself. From its ergonomic features to its aesthetic appeal, everything is flawless and astonishingly perfect. If you do not believe it, you must give it a try once. You will be amazed at the unbelievable abilities of these splendid front firing blank guns.

People actually fall for these guns simply by looking at its affordable price. However, most users have reviewed this gun as a worthy product to b invest in. There's nothing that you spent wouldn't find in this product.

Zoraki Front Firing M914 Satin Finish 9mm Blank Gun Pistol

In fact, it will satisfy your needs up to an extent that you will recommend this powerful weapon to others in your circle. The finish of this product together with its utility in your life will never make you regret buying it.

There are several technical features of this gun. They are listed below in detail.

  • It is a semi-automatic gun that supports a dual-action mode of operation.
  • It is equipped with a safety switch that disables the trigger when required.
  • It features a hardened steel cock.
  • The magazine release button at its side further attracts the buyer.
  • Its height is 4.75 inches and it weighs as light as 1.8lbs.
  • It features a stylish satin finish that will make it irresistible for you to say no to this gun.

2.  Zoraki R2 2" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black:

Are you fond of collecting weapons that feature a classy black finish? Are you looking for something that is easy to use? Do you admire realistic looking front firing blank guns? Are you in search of a fast front venting gun?

If your answer to all these questions is a big YES, you definitely got to grab this product. It seems like this product is exclusively created to satisfy your distinct needs. It has an exceptional ability to surprise you with all of its professional features.

Zoraki R2 2" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black

The report of this gun truly shakes you and makes you tremble with its terror. The echo even stays for a few seconds. All this, together with its economical price, makes it an ideal buy.

Do you want to know about the technical benefits of this super cool weapon? Well, they are listed right here for your convenience.

  • It is a highly durable weapon that features a zinc alloy frame.
  • It has a cylinder drum release button at its side.
  • The ergonomic worth of this tool further adds to its utility in your life.
  • It presents a stylish outlook with a shiny black finish.
  • It also operates on the dual-action mechanism and is one of the most reliable front firing blank guns that you will ever find anywhere.
  • The height of this gun is 4.84 inches which are ideal for most weapon buyers.

3.  Zoraki Front Firing M914 Fume Finish 9mm Blank Gun Pistol:

The realistic feel and light-weight of this weapon are one of its distinct features. You can never actually resist spending on such a flawless weapon. To be honest, this gun is seriously a complete package for all your needs.

It can effectively serve as a theatrical prop and is equally ideal for all sorts of training purposes. Professionals even prefer these over other highly expensive front firing blank guns. The reason behind this is the fiercely loud report of this highly durable weapon.

Zoraki Front Firing M914 Fume Finish 9mm Blank Gun Pistol

How can you even resist buying such a useful weapon? I would rather say that you will hardly find any such product at this price ever again.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you still confused? Keep reading, you will soon bud farewell to all your silly doubts.

  • The presence of a safety button is to let you block its trigger quite easily and effectively.
  • It is a semi-automatic gun and serves you with a double-action mechanism.
  • The overall length of this gun is 6.05 inches and weighs so light. This certainly makes it an ergonomically priceless tool to possess.
  • How can you even forget about its ideal barrel length of 3.35 inches?
  • Armed officials love this gun for its extra-ordinarily commendable characteristics.

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4.  Zoraki R2 3" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black:

All front firing blank guns are unique in their own distinct way. But this one has something even more special about it. It is one of the most popular front firing revolvers in the worldwide weapon market.

Its affordable price further gives this gun a competitive edge among others. There is absolutely nothing to question its durability and reliability. It is surely a tried and tested product that is capable of finding its place in your heart.

Zoraki R2 3" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Black

If you are an over-excited weapon collector or an annoyingly adorable elder sister, you can pick and choose this one without any reluctance. You will never regret spending your hard-earned money on this product.

In fact, you will surely thank us for recommending such a phenomenal product to you. Some other admirable features of this blank gun are given below.

  • It comes with a zinc alloy frame that greatly adds to its durability as a weapon.
  • It features an effortlessly smooth dual-action machine that will make you fall in love with this product instantly.
  • This gun is 7.87 inches long and has numerous distinct characteristics.
  • Its attractive black finish and realistic looks good reason why do people buy it.

5.  Zoraki M906 Silver Finish - 9MM Front Firing Blank Pistol Semi-Auto Gun:

This gun features a combination of silver and black. It is one of the best guns that you will find at under 100$. One of the core features of this gun unbelievably realistic looks. Even though it is not capable of firing real bullets, its report sounds absolutely real and terrifying.

Holding this gun in your hand gives a realistic feel to your nerves. It can even help you in improving your confidence level with a real firearm.

Zoraki M906 Silver Finish - 9MM Front Firing Blank Pistol Semi-Auto Gun

Users have also declared it as an ideal replica gun for all the uses related to front firing blank guns.

  • This is a semi-automatic gun that allows you to fire effectively with its single-action mode.
  • It features a polymer frame that protects it.
  • Its height is 4.1 inches and it is one of the fastest blank guns in the market.
  • Weapon lovers may also spend on this to make it a part of their collection.

The Final Words:

By now, you must have made your mind about spending on either of these front firing blank guns. Hurry up and grab it before it gets out of stock.