Technology has provided a lot of ease but has also raised our needs. With every advancement in the technology, the needs of humans have rise to a great extent. One of the latest needs is self defense against the attackers.  

How many of you agree with the fact that self defense has become a huge necessity? Perhaps, most of you think so! I assure you that if you don’t believe me at the moment, you will later on! Many of you who agree to me might have experienced a sudden attack. 

The number of attacks have dramatically increased in the recent times. People have been attacked by criminals in an unexpected way. However, technology again assists us by providing self defense blades to counter them! 

I have been attacked once, but luckily survived because I had a hidden blade knife in my pocket. It allowed me to get rid of the attacker and escape to save my life. However, when I think about the situation that if I did not have that knife in my pocket that day, I was vulnerable to severe damage. 

The attacker could have seriously injure me and snatch all my money, along with my cell phone. But, what about you? Do you have any such weapon for your defense? If not, you are likely to be victimized again. I advise you not to ignore the increasing number of attacks. 

I have come up with quite a few self defense weapons that you must carry while you are out for some work. Specifically, the women should be equipped with such weapons as they are more vulnerable to unexpected attacks.

Since I have been attacked, I always carry a few hidden blades for my defense against the attackers. To me, these are the ideal weapons to survive the attacks. There is a great range of hidden blades, a badass one is the Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade. 

If you are searching for the perfect self defense weapons, here are the 5 most spectacular hidden blades that you should be carrying.

1. Neck Knife

Neck Knife is a hidden blade that can be used a secret weapon for defense. It is one of the blades that can be worn around your neck. This is a typical necklace that has a blade attached to it. However, it appears similar to a necklace. 

To me, this is an ideal weapon for both men and women. You can wear it as fashion accessory as well because it look identical to the necklaces we normally wear.

The reason why you should be wearing this neck knife is because it can be the most comfortable to carry blade. Don’t be concerned over your safety wearing a blade because there is a protective sheath that well preserves the blade and prevents any accidental injury. 

So, it is your secretly carried weapon that can be pulled out when required. For instance, if you have encountered an attacker, you can quickly pull out the blade from your necklace and launch a counter attack on the attacker. 

The attacker will have no idea that the necklace you are wearing is rather a deadly blade. Also, carrying it won’t be a problem because it is not an extra weight. Instead, it is always attached to your necklace.

2. Pen Knife

Pen Knife is another fantastic hidden blade knife, and I personally like it the most. As it sounds, it is a pen with an additional weapon attached to it. The pen features a very sharp blade to be used for defense purpose. It appears as a normal pen because it can be used to write. However, there is a blade on the other end that can perform almost every purpose a knife is supposed to perform.

So, it can be your secret, but primary weapon for defending against the attackers. Also, it would allow you to survive in emergency circumstances. It is your everyday carry tool as well that can do certain tasks, like opening boxes, opening letters, cutting fruits and vegetables etc. 

But, your main purpose can be accomplished with maximum effectiveness i-e defense. You can easily carry it in your pocket and whenever you have to deal with the attacker, you can take it out and give the attacker a counter punch.

3. Boot Knife

Boot Knife, an incredible knife that can be hidden in your boots. Yes, that sounds right, it can be carried in your shoes without any problem. It is a very small blade which is designed to be carried in boots. These small blades are ideal for both men and women who don’t want to openly carry any bladed weapon. So, your weapon is hidden in your boots secretly and can be pulled out if needed.

Most of the users tend to wear long boots when they are carrying boot knives. This is because they don’t want to determine that they are carrying any weapon. Rather, they would love to surprise the attackers by taking out a killer blade from their boots. 

These knives are extremely sharp to inflict a serious injury to the attackers. However, don’t worry about injuring yourself. The blade does not pose any risk or threat of accidental injury to your feet. The feet are well protected because the blade is covered with the protective sheath. So, feel comfortable while carrying these knives.

4. Lipstick Knife

The most stylish hidden blade, and ideal for women, is the lipstick knife. As the name suggests, this is a lipstick that additionally features a blade. But, don’t think you are getting a real lipstick in this. Keep this away from your lips, because instead of a colorful lipstick, there is a blade. 

When you twist the tube, there is no lipstick that pops up, rather, a blade appears from that end. However, it looks exactly like a real lipstick. This is why it is perfect for women who are already use to of carrying lipsticks. But from now on, you would be carrying this deadly lipstick to defend yourself from sudden attacks.

There are many reasons I love this incredible hidden blade knife. Firstly, it seems a realistic lipsticks, and secondly, it allows you to carry it without worrying about the legalities. No one would identify that the lipstick you are carrying is in fact a blade. Everyone would consider it a real lipstick. 

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different designs and colors available in the market. Hence, you can choose your favorite designs and color.

5. Belt Knife

Belt Knife is the latest addition to the category of hidden blades. I have recently added it to my arsenal, and I am overjoyed to own this. That’s how fabulous it is as a secret self defense weapon. Since I have purchased this, I am a fan of the manufacturer who has designed this unique blade. 

The blade is attached to the belt that is worn around your waste. Everything seems realistic unless you remove the buckle. As you push the button to separate the buckle, a blade appears which is ready to be used in your defense against the attackers.

I regard belt knife is a tactical hidden blade. It can be pulled out if you sense danger or an attacker approaching you. However, you are absolutely safe from any accidental injury. The blade is preserved inside the belt, and it does not have any contact with your body. The nylon or leather protects you from the blade. Hence, you can comfortably carry the blade in your belt.

The Pick of the Blades?

In my opinion, you must be a fan of all these interestingly designed hidden blades. If you follow me, I would suggest you to carry all of them at the same time. That’s how I use them. As I have all these blades in my arsenal, I always stay equipped with all of them. 

I can wear the neck knife, belt knife, and boot knife and can carry pen knife and lipstick knife in my pockets. Sounds a great idea, doesn’t it? Yes, a perfect way of securing yourself from extreme attacks.