Butterfly Knife Tricks

A Butterfly knife is not used only for flipping in circuses and local fairs as considered by a lot of people but it is a multi-purpose tool as well. It can be used as a utility tool but it finds its best use in fighting and self-defense too. 

You can use a butterfly knife in close quarter combats because of its stealth capabilities and razor sharp blade. Also, this sleek knife can be easily concealed and deployed lightning fast and used against enemies which makes it highly deadly.

What does a Butterfly Knife Look Like?

A Butterfly knife is also known as a Balisong knife or a fan knife. The knife gets its name from its design which has a sleek blade that gets concealed inside the two handles of the knife when they are rotated around the tang. 

A butterfly knife is a folding knife and all of its effectiveness and beauty lies in that. The butterfly was originated in the Philippines around 800 A.D. At that time, butterfly knives were extensively used in Filipino martial arts. Also, apart from its use by the gangsters and bad boys, the military also used these knives.

This knife can be carried around safely and easily as it is a folding knife and can be used in self-defense or to simply have some backyard fun. But you wouldnâ€â„¢t want to end up in a hospital instead of a backyard if you cut your fingers or injure yourself with a real butterfly knife. 

So, it is strongly recommended that you use a butterfly knife trainer instead of a real butterfly knife if you are still learning the art of flipping a butterfly knife.

Benefits of a Butterfly Knife Trainer

A Butterfly knife trainer looks just like a butterfly knife but has a blunt blade instead of a real, sharp one. This blunt blade keeps you safe while you practice with a butterfly knife trainer but simultaneously provides you the feel and action of a real knife. 

They provide you the confidence to try the hard and complex tricks you always wanted to try. Moreover, it is also a relief to have your limbs attached to your body rather than being cut off from the body from an incident because of a butterfly knife practice that went awry.

Due to its lethality, a butterfly knife is illegal in most of the states. So, what should we do if we want to practice some flipping moves with a butterfly knife? It is still widely used for doing tricks and for having some fun as well. You can use this knife effectively only when you learn to use it properly. 

So, let us have a look at some of the best and most popular butterfly knife tricks so you can experience the thrill and action of the butterfly knife.

Butterfly Knife Tricks

The following are some of the most popular butterfly knife tricks which you can easily learn and practice. So, Gear Up People!

butterfly knife tricks

1- Zipper

Zipper is an interesting trick that you can do with your butterfly knife. It is rather simple and very easy to do for the beginners. Hold the knife from the safe handle using your left hand. Make sure it is closer to your palm. Start pinching with your left thumb and your index finger. 

Then, release with your remaining three fingers. The bit handle along with the blade will start swinging. Make sure your thumb is placed half-way down the safe handle unlike most of the tricks that require you to hold the handle from the top. 

Release the bite handle with your three fingers and swing it over the back of your hand. With your dominant hand, clap your hands together. Place your right thumb on the safe handle and the index finger on the back of the handle. When you clap with force, the bite handle flips back. 

Now, pinch with the index finger and thumb of your right hand and remove your other hand from the knife. Finally, release the handle with your last three fingers to get the handles together in an open position. 

2- Double Roll Out

Hold the safe handle of the knife in your right hand. Pinch the safe handle with your four fingers and your thumb. With the right hand, flip the bite hand over the back of you right hand. The blade must be pointing away from you. 

Turn the blade sideways and then swing the blade over the back of your hand again. So,this is even more simple trick that beginners can do. Practicing this trick will increase your speed as well.

3- The Flick Opening Technique

Flick opening is the most basic butterfly knife trick and every beginner should start from it. Every butterfly knife enthusiast should know how to do this. This trick is pretty simple, all you have to do is flick your wrist in a way that it takes the blade of the knife out of the handle containing the blade and away from it. 

butterfly knife tricks

You spin the safe handle which puts the bite handle and the blade to the back of your hand. And now to bring the blade back to the front side of your hand, you flick back your wrist and hurrah you now have an opened butterfly knife in front of you.

4- The Flick Closing Technique

Now this one is the complete opposite of the Flick open maneuver. In flick closing, you pick up the knife which is already opened. In this case, you flick up the bite handle by keeping your palm open which is a very essential part of this trick. 

Consequently, the handle of the knife and the blade will click back in the closed position.

5- The Swirl Technique

The Swirl technique is another widely popular butterfly knife trick. Hold the bite handle of the butterfly knife trainer and start with a reverse grip, then adjust the safe handle of the knife over the small finger of your hand by throwing the blade and the safe handle in an outward manner. 

Now the blade of the knife is able to move between both handles. Now you just have to flick the safe handle in the opposite direction by letting it slip through your finger so that it can move back to the bite handle.

The above-mentioned techniques are the five most popular and basic butterfly knife tricks that beginners can try when they start to learn this mind-blowing art. But remember to always practice any new technique on a butterfly knife trainer first to avoid any accidental injuries. 

My personal favorite are the zipper and double roll out tricks. Which one is yours?