34" Polypropylene Material Training Ninja Boken Sword

34" Training Ninja Boken Sword. Made up of Polypropylene Material.
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This training weapon is made from black polypropylene, which gives it a strength and a durability that allows it to far exceed the limits that are typically placed on even some of the finest wooden training weapons. The sword possesses a shorter-than-average hilt, as well as a square guard. The blade features a noticeable hamon line (the wave along the blades edge) as well as a subtle curve that is much less defined than that of a katana. The sword measures approximately 33.5 inches long.

Key Features:
  •     Made Entirely from Polypropylene
  •     Modeled After the Japanese Ninjato
  •     Extremely Tough and Durable
  •     Features A Visible Hamon Line and a Decorative Square Guard
  •     A Perfect Training Weapon for Swordsman and Martial Artists
  •     A Great Personal Weapon or Gift Idea to Fellow Enthusiasts
  •     Overall Length: 33.5 Inches

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