ideal hidden knife necklace

We all want to feel safe at all times. But the endeavor of keeping a self defense weapon on you is a tough one. A hidden knife necklace solves this problem and gives much more. Buying a hidden knife necklace, especially if you haven't bought a disguised self defense weapon before can be daunting. Luckily, we are here to help. Here is a three part guide to buying a hidden blade.

There are several different types of hidden blade knives. These may include a lipstick knife, a comb knife, a pen knife, and a belt buckle knife, but the most spectacular is a knife necklace. It is a necklace that can be worn around the neck, but the important thing is a blade attached to it. It is a small blade covered with a sheath and can be used for self defense when required. Choose one now and make sure your neck surrounded with this necklace.

Parts Of A Hidden Knife Necklace 

So, what constitutes a hidden knife necklace? There are various components that go into making a neck knife. You need to know each of them separately to better understand the overall design of this kind of hidden knife

neck knife

The Blade

Since this hidden knife necklace is supposed to work around the neck, the length of the blade can't be that much. Most neck knives have blades around 1 to 4 inches long.

Because of the small size, these sharp blades can be expected to do heavy duty chopping or cutting. Most types of blades in the hidden knife necklace are drop points that provide strength to the hidden knife to compensate for a small size.

The Handle

The second part of the hidden knife necklace is the handle. The length of the handle, just like that of the blade is kept small, anywhere between half an inch to 4 inches. Anything longer than that, and the neck knife becomes bulky and uncomfortable to carry.

Most concealed self defense weapons tend to shape the handle in a way that it occupies minimal space. A hidden knife necklace in the form of a push dagger for example has a tiny T shaped handle that reduces the overall length of these knives while letting you retain firm hold of your neck knife.

The handle of a neck knife will always feature a lanyard hole to pass the string around it and make it carry able. Your hidden knife necklace can also have a more disguised handle such as a tail of a Scorpio in a pendant knife. 

The Sheath

Not all hidden knife necklaces have folding knives, although folders are ideal as neck knives because they blade can be safely tucked inside the handle that in turn can be tucked inside your shirt to make a perfect concealed self defense weapon.

Many people prefer the strength of a fixed blade in their neck knives. Everyone wants to have a concealed self defense weapon that is strong even if that comes at a cost of carrying a fixed blade hidden knife necklace.

For this purpose, a sheath of a neck knife is extremely important. Most sheaths have a lock in mechanism that safely locks the blade in. The blade won't disengage even if the hidden knife necklace is tossed around or bounced repeatedly( such as when you wear this self defense weapon on a run).

Some disguised knives have a more complicated cover up for a hidden blade. There are many designs of a hidden knife necklace that can conceal the fixed blade knife. Sometimes a metal scorpion houses the hidden knife, other times the pendant is in the form of a grenade.

These disguises not just help make hidden knife necklaces extremely inconspicuous, they also make your self defense knife an everyday carry ( EDC) without requiring a standard sheath.

Knife necklace

The Ball Chain

Lastly, we have the ball chain. Most ornate hidden knife necklaces have a metallic chain whose length can be adjusted. The string can be as long as 22 inches. It depends upon how low you want to carry your hidden knife necklace.

Not all people love the weight and clanking of a metal chain though. If you want something more lightweight for everyday carry purposes, go with a paracord string. Some people love wrapping the tiny handles of their neck knives in paracord to make it look edgier and have an intense grip.

The cord of a neck knife should be able to withstand the weight of the hidden knife necklace. No matter which type of knife chain you prefer, just make sure it holds the hidden knife at least to the point where you would ideally carry it.

Things To Look For In A Hidden Knife Necklace

If you haven't bought a hidden knife necklace before, here is your guide to the variables to look for in your ideal self defense weapon. You don't want to have a hidden knife that is cumbersome to carry. After all, what is the point of a hidden self defense weapon if you don't have it on you at all times?


The ideal weight of your hidden knife necklace should be less than 1.5oz. If your neck knife is heavier than that, then it is not a neck knife and would prove uncomfortable to carry around everyday.

If you are a camper or a hiker who wants to have a neck knife then you don't want to carry all that extra weight on you when you have hundreds of pounds of backpack weight already weighing you down. Your hidden knife necklace is supposed to be a self defense weapon that you can carry with ease.

So look for neck knives weighing less than an Oz, you might have to compromise on some ornate disguises that a concealed knife necklace offers, but you will carry that self defense weapon without even feeling you are wearing a sharp blade.

The weight of your hidden knife necklace depends upon many factors. High quality micarta handles will weigh more, but cheap plastic ABS handles will prove lightweight for every day carry knife.

Similarly, low carbon steel blades tend to weigh less than stainless steel blades but these rust quickly. Especially if you want your hidden knife necklace to act as a makeshift tool, then opt for high quality sharp blades that retain edge for longer.


As mentioned before, hidden knife necklaces can't have blades more than 4 inches long. However, if you want your neck knife to have some utility, you might want to push that limit at the cost of comfort.

A tiny one inch push dagger is ideal as a hidden self defense weapon but try to dig a hole from it in an outdoor situation, and your hidden knife necklace becomes practically useless.

So when buying a hidden knife necklace, be clear what purpose you want it for. If you just want a sharp hidden blade for 'feel safe' purposes, go with a small blade length. But if you would like your neck knife for everyday cutting, slicing activities, then a longer blade length is your only way out. 


The overall design of your hidden knife necklace determines its usefulness in a particular situation. If you are looking for a hidden self defense weapon for a specific duration, then go for highly concealed weapons such as a disguised necklace with a hidden knife concealed inside the pendant.

This is stuff of James Bond movies, but these self defense weapons do exist and you can get yourself a fancy hidden knife necklace and still look like you have dressed up for everyday 'going out'. 

This way, you won't be raising eyebrows as you go about your day in the office or at an event with a sharp knife nestled safely under your dress.

A more practical approach for wearing hidden knife necklaces for everyday carry, of course are small folding knives tucked inside your clothes hung from a string. These everyday carry knives can become your self defense tools if you can get comfortable wearing them everyday on you.

A fixed blade neck knife with a nylon sheath is also a practical, but riskier option to have a hidden self defense weapon  on you all day everyday.  Make sure your sheathed knife doesn't come loose during intense physical activity or your hidden knife necklace might harm you or much worse, expose your hidden self defense weapon.

Reasons To Carry A Hidden Knife Necklace 

We know you are wondering why the hell should I buy a hidden knife necklace and have a sharp blade on me all the time? We know carrying a self defense weapon in your purse or pocket is preferred by most  people, but there are many advantages to carrying a hidden self defense weapon.


Hidden knife necklaces offer you the kind of disguised weapon, no other self defense weapon can. Think of a gun, or a pepper spray. First that pops into your mind would be where to put those weapons?

Neck knives offer you that concealability. You will be carrying a hidden knife necklace in plain sight. Moreover, you can have the confidence that you have a self defense weapon on you that your attacker has no idea about. 

You can relax at a cocktail party, go to work, travel in a metro at night carrying your hidden knife necklace without your friends, coworkers or random people in the street feeling uncomfortable at the sight of a sharp blade weapon.

The best thing about a hidden knife necklace is that it is not just a neck knife, it can double up as a belt or boot knife as well. If you are really worried about exposing your concealed weapon, or don't feel like carrying your hidden knife around the neck, no problem.

You tie the hidden blade around the leg or remove the ball chain and slide it inside your boot with a sheath on. This might affect the reachability of your hidden knife necklace but it also reflects how easily you can adapt to changing circumstances with your self defense weapon still on you. 


The best thing about neck knives is, they are really affordable. A good quality hidden knife necklace would cost less than $25. What's more? You won't have to upgrade, replace or polish a neck knife for ages after investing in it once.

True, with constant use, a knife will become dull but you can sharpen it and  make it as good as new. Unlike a pepper spray that needs to be replaced or checked for expiry after every few months, a hidden knife necklace is a one time investment in your self defense.


With a hidden knife necklace, you won't just be getting a self defense weapon, you will be getting a knife-a tool to carry with you. Planning a hiking trip next weekend? Why not carry a neck knife with you?

No one knows when you might need a knife outdoors, especially while camping. Let your hidden knife necklace become a camping knife. All you need to do is remove the ball chain or cord, use your sharp blade to get some utility out of it.

Everyday Carry

Hidden knife necklace is an ideal everyday self defense weapon. There is a rule that says that one should always have a knife on him or her. By 'always' it means 24/7. Only a hidden neck knife can achieve such portability.

The feeling you have to have a concealed weapon on you that doesn't interfere or bother you in your daily chores but at the same time, within a few inches away should a situation turn hostile is indescribable. The hidden knife necklace will make you a free bird, with the world at your disposal everyday.

We know most people go for their pocket to reach out for a knife, but that's just a reflex one can grow out of with time. If you haven't worn a hidden knife necklace before, it is time to upgrade from your standard pocket knife to a neck knife for safer everyday carry.

Carry a Knife Necklace for Self Defense

We have you have now gotten a solid idea about what a hidden knife necklace is all about. Look for these features when selecting your own stylish pendant with a hidden blade or a simple neck knife for camping, and you would end up with a perfect self defense knife.

Make sure you are equipped with a knife necklace to ensure your survival against the attackers. Choose the right one and make sure the blade is covered with a sheath when worn so that you are well-protected from the blade.