21 Inch Nonglare Coated Steel Baton

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5H2-NS21 - This baton is a perfect defender for anyone to carry around. It measure 21 inch in length. Made in Taiwan
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Want a stylish police baton? This Nonglare Coated Steel Baton has to be your choice. Now walk with a police and armed forced weapon in your palm. It is a massive police baton made of steel. It is extremely lethal and pretty effective for self defense against the attackers. You can carry it and swing it hard to injure the attacker and survive. Such a powerful survival weapon. In addition, it is ideal for armed forces for controlling crowds and beating the culprits up. With an overall size of 21 inches, it is a massive baton and can easily frighten the attacker to keep them away from you. 

This Nonglare Coated Steel Baton is basically a collapsible baton. You can increase or lessen the size as per your requirement. The overall length is 21 inches and you can reduce the length twice. When carrying, you must lessen the size and conceal the upper parts in the lowest one. It is a beautiful black baton with a comfortable and strong grip. 

This Nonglare Coated Steel Baton has a non-glare coated steel shaft. There is a rubber handle and diamond grip. It comes with a nylon sheath or pouch which can cover the baton. A hook is there to attach it to your belt for easily carrying it around your waist. 


  • Black Baton non-glare coated steel shaft    
  • Rubber handle with diamond grip
  • Free Sturdy Nylon Pouch
  • Overall Length Open: 21 Inch
  • Overall Length Close: 8 Inch

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