Halloween is not far away from now. This year’s Halloween promises to be a memorable one. Though people have memories associated with every year’s event, but this time around, it seems to be more exciting. People look excited to wear costumes. Meanwhile, cosplayers are looking for cosplay weapons to perform different roles on the stage and impress the audience. 

This time around, there is a huge business opportunity for small businesses. If you are running a small business, it is time for you to gather a massive profit. Buy some in-demand wholesale cosplay weapons from us and earn huge profits.

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Following are the 15 fabulous cosplay weapons that you can buy in bulk and make high profits. 

1. Crystal Knob Walking Stick

Walking sticks or walking canes are one of the highly demanded items in the US. This crystal knob walking stick is a lovely cosplay weapon. Cosplayers look for such things throughout the year. It helps them as they look to adopt different badass characters. 

Walking canes are not necessarily the cosplay weapons. These are necessary for the disabled people. Also, a few stylish people love walking with these sticks to become more fashionable. Buy this walking stick from us at wholesale rates and give your customers what they deserve to buy. If you buy six or more crystal knob walking sticks, you can get a discount of 20% as well. 

2. Viking Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug

Many customers these days like collecting some historical items. A few things from the history are still pretty inspiring, One such thing is this Viking Buffalo Horn Drinking Mug. It is actually a mug that is shaped like a buffalo horn. People are keen to have such items in their collections. 

Why not give your customers what they are looking for? These are one a few items on this list that are sought-after by the customers whole season. Buy this special drinking mug at the cheapest wholesale prices from Wholesale Blades and make unbelievable profits. 

3. Wolf Head Cosplay Mask

If you really want to make this Halloween a profitable event for your business, buy this Wolf head Cosplay Mask. Every Halloween, there is a massive demand of such cosplay weapons. The key to a successful business is to fulfill the needs of your customers. This mask is what your customers need to wear on this halloween. 

Buy this cosplay mask from Wholesale Blades at unbelievably low prices. Since the prices are the cheapest, you are guaranteed a great profit margin. Also, you can avail discount by buying six or more masks. 

4. Fantasy Warrior Copper Movie Battle Mask

Nothing is more popular among consumers than fantasy items. This is a fantasy mask that can be a perfect costume on Halloween. People would love to buy this mask because it would offer a different look. Also, they would love to pay tribute to the ancient warriors by wearing this battle mask. 

To maximize your profits, make sure to buy cosplay weapons that are appreciated by the customers. They won’t just appreciate but buy it in great numbers as presents for their loved ones. So, don’t miss the opportunity of earning high; buy this mask in bulk at wholesale rates. 

5. Captain Pirate Mask for Costume

Costumes and masks become precious times as Halloween comes closer. These days, cosplay weapons and masks are the most searched items online. Why not grab this opportunity to earn profits? This Captain Pirate mask is one of the in-demand masks today in the market. 

At Wholesale Blades, we provide this in-demand mask at the cheapest wholesale prices. Buy six or more masks to make sure your profit becomes the highest. We shall give you a discount of 20% if you buy six of them. This won’t just lower the overall price, but also raise the overall profit. 

6. Chinese War Training Sword

At Wholesale Blades, we know what people are looking for. Hence, we provide items that are saleable and let small businesses avail the opportunity to amplify their profits. This Chinese War Training sword is a very popular and highly selling sword in the market today. It is also a common cosplay weapon being purchased by a number of cosplayers. 

Give cosplayers what they are searching for. Add this sword into your offerings and get huge cosplayer traffic rushing to your retail stores. We provide this sword at 90% lower than retail prices. Hence, you can avail such a great profit margin. 

7. Link Triforce Zelda Cosplay Shield

Cosplay weapons don’t just include swords and knives, they also include shields. A warrior costume is completed when he has everything that a warrior of ancient times used to have. The ancient warriors always had a shield to prevent sword blades. This Link Triforce Cosplay Shield is a necessary thing for a cosplayer. 

As a retail business, your target audience is pretty important. Cosplayers is a great target audience specifically with Halloween just around the corner. On this special event, several LARP and cosplay events are organized. Purchase this shield in bulk at the cheapest wholesale price and make sure to avail this massive business opportunity. 

8. Medieval Renaissance Chainmail Bracelet

Medieval period is one of the renowned and memorable periods of history. During this era, several magnificent weapons were established. One of those weapons is this chainmail bracelet. It can be used as a cosplay weapon as well. So, you can target cosplayers as well as enthusiasts. 

At Wholesale Blades, we let you buy items that have a name in the marketplace. Also, we let you grab the opportunity to make profits. One such opportunity awaits you. Buy this bracelet in wholesale and make unbelievably high profits. 

9. 3 Piece Medieval Feasting Set

History lovers also love collecting things used in the history. No historical era is more important than medieval times. This is a 3 piece feasting set inspired from that particular period. The collectors are waiting for you to get these items in your offerings. So, enrich your stores with these highly demanded items and make profits that you never made before. 

There are two ways we maximize your profits. First, by lowering our prices and second by offering you discounts. So, buy a minimum of six sets to avail a huge discount of 20% and enlarge your profits. 

10. Hyrule Warrior Master Sword Necklace

What an item to buy! This sword necklace is a popular thing in the market today. It is basically a necklace that includes a small sized sword. So, this is an unorthodox item and people love such items. This would break the records on this Halloween because people like wearing costumes with such additional items that alter the appearance to some extent. 

Since you are here seeking businesses opportunities, we allow you to raise your profits to a great extent by purchasing this sword necklace in bulk. First, this highly selling item would increase your profits and then our low prices would add to the profit. Also, you can avail discounts up to 20% by buying six or more items. 

11. Steel Cuirass with Tassets

One of the best selling items these days is this steel cuirass with tassets. This is like a warrior’s body armor. This can be the most appreciable costume this Halloween. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to provide this great item to your customers. This is easy to wear and fully functional. Cosplayers would love it. 

Make sure to enrich your retail stores with this fantastic cosplay item. You can target cosplayers as well as the general public on Halloween. We guarantee it would be the best buying decision you will ever make. High profits are guaranteed! 

12. Medieval Long Gambeson

Talking about cosplay weapons and costumes, here is another one. Thi is a long gambeson medieval warriors used to wear. Wearing this would mean tributing the medieval warriors. A lot of people would be eager to serve this purpose. Hence, we are determined to let businesses fulfill this particular need of the people. 

We urge small businesses to avail the opportunity to make massive profits by providing people what they need. Since we are a wholesale store, our prices are 90% less than retail prices. So, this is your chance to generate greater profits.  

13. Hourglass Functional Gauntlets

You won’t find cheaper Hourglass functional gauntlets elsewhere. Check this fantastic piece on Wholesale Blades and buy at wholesale rates. Your offerings deserve to have these gauntlets. There are many who are reluctant to wear long costumes on Halloween. Hence, they look for such items that are small and still do the job. 

These gauntlets are inspired from the medieval era gauntlets. Such things are also kept by the collectors. Also, people like to place them as the decoration pieces at their homes and offices. So, you should add them to your offerings and then make profits all through the year. 

14. Combat Winged Shoulder Armor Set

A shoulder armor is another popular cosplay weapon these days. A body armor covers the whole body while this shoulder armor is worn around the shoulders and covers the chest and shoulders of the wearer. Medieval warriors used to wear it to prevent bladed swords. 

At Wholesale Blades, we have a great collection of combat winged shoulder armor. Buy at wholesale prices and save a great amount of money. Our prices are reasonably reduced than retail prices. Also, if you buy six or more sets, you get a discount of 20% as well. 

15. Medieval Robin Hood Locksley Foam Sword

As Hallowen arrives, the demand of cosplay weapons rises to a great extent. One popular thing in the market today is this Robin Hood Locksley sword, It is made of foam, hence, it is absolutely safe to be used for cosplay and costume. The demand of this sword is on a high. Meanwhile, we give you an opportunity to businesses to generate greater amount of profits. 

Wholesale Blades aims to make small businesses profitable. Hence, we let you avail businesses opportunities. Here we have suggested you to buy 15 of the best cosplay weapons at wholesale prices. High profits are guaranteed with these in-demand items!