12 Inch Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic - Rope Version

12" Foam Padded with dragon design on foam.
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Now train safely and with more comfort with this Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic. Nunchucks can be dangerous at times when practicing. So, this foam padded one is designed perfectly. It is ideal for practice and training purposes. There is absolutely no chance of injuries since foam is the safest and softest material on earth. Also, it is extremely gorgeous. There is a fantastic combination of blue and gold. There is a gold dragon graphic design on both sticks. A small rope is used to connect the two sticks. It is ideal for collectors and crazy enthusiasts. In addition, it is perfect for martial artists if they want to practice their fighting and defensive techniques! 

This Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic can serve you in plenty of ways. You can use it as your display and decor item. Also, it is perfect for LARP and theatrical production. You can simply have it in your collection to impress your mates. Also, you can adopt it as your Bruce Lee costume on Halloween. No need to worry about kids approaching it as it is very safe. 

This Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic is made of quality foam and hence promises durability and strength though it is soft. The length of the nunchaku is 12 inches. The foam padding is pretty thick and a traditional cord is attached. A perfect piece of decor and costume as well. 

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