12" Black Foam Nunchucks with Ball Bearing Chain

Foam nunchaku, black with screened Dragon design, with ball bearing swivel. Great for learning new skills, will enable you to train safely and comfortably at full force. Size is 12 inches long with a 5-1/2 inch seven link chain. 27 inches overall in length.
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Learn how to use the iconic Bruce Lee weapon in a safe manner. This Black Foam Nunchucks with Ball Bearing Chain will let you practice your skills in a safe manner. Made of foam, it is pretty soft and poses no threat of injuries. It is ideal for martial artists and learners who want to practice using the nunchucks. The 12 inches size is ideal as well. So, avail the opportunity to learn the skills of Bruce Lee. Use this foam-made nunchaku and learn to swing the chucks. Establish new defensive and fighting techniques. It is a great collectible item and a great gift for your loved ones! 

This Black Foam Nunchucks with Ball Bearing Chain is extremely beautiful. There are two foam sticks connected with a ball bearing chain. There is a nice dragon design on each of the sticks. It can serve multiple purposes such as display and decor. In addition, it can be a great weapon for cosplay and LARP. Similarly, it can be your Bruce Lee costume on Halloween. 

This Black Foam Nunchucks with Ball Bearing Chain has an overall length of 27 inches. However, each stick has a length of 12 inches. There is a chain of slightly more than 5 inches. Get this in your collection and impress your mates! 

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