11 Inch Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku

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This Converta Nunchaku had a round design and measures 12 inches. When the handles are screwed together, it converts into a 24" police baton.
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A masterpiece for martial artists, this Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku is a multipurpose tool. It can serve the users many ways. It is a convertible tool and you can say it is a 2 in 1 tool. Basically, it is a baton and can be converted into a nunchaku or the other way around. You can use it as a baton or as a nunchaku, based on your needs. So, it makes a perfect self defense tool. Both tools serve effectively in a self defense situation. You can beat the attacker with your baton or make it a nunchaku and swing it like Bruce Lee to injure the attacker and survive. An ideal survival tool. 

This Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku is not a massive tool to carry. 11 inches is a pretty comfortable size! You can easily collapse the baton to make it a nunchaku and simply connect the chain to make it a baton. So, it is equally a great and advantageous tool for both the police and the martial artists. 

This Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchaku is made of aluminium and has a nice silver finish. When made with a baton, the length goes to 24 inches but is reduced to 11 inches when made a nunchaku. The handles are screwed together to make a baton.

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