uses of brass knuckles

Exploring the market these days, one can be amazed to see the variety of tools and weapons. Modern tools are different from traditional ones because they serve diverse purposes. 

Ancient tools were made for one specific purpose while the modern tools are designed to be used in different ways. One of the most fascinating modern tools and weapons is a brass knuckle! 

Brass Knuckles, sometimes known as a knuckle duster, is an offensive as well as defensive weapon. Worn around the knuckles, it can seriously increase the punching capability of the wearer.

It is quite famous as a fighting weapon among the gangsters. However, many people are keen to put them on just to deal with the attackers.

You can wear them on your hands by just drawing your fingers in the four holes. Close your fist and punch the attacker to cause an injury to his face. Usually made of metal, they tighten the fist to a great extent. So, you can expect destruction when punched on the face of your opponent.

Brass knuckles are believed to be more common as fighting and defense weapons, but there are several other uses that we are unaware of. Those who are familiar with their uses consider them as comprehensive tools.

We have compiled a list of 10 most common ways Knuckle Duster can be used.

History of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckle has been around for a long time, and was used as a weapon in New York during the mid 1700s. They were originally designed as defense weapons, to be used if people were threatened with knives, daggers or other sharp objects. 
In order to use the weapon effectively, the user should wear heavy clothing to protect against other weapons that could hurt them while they are punching or throwing punches. This would also protect against being stabbed, as well as damaging the knuckles
According to the History of Brass Knuckles, people started to use them to protect against other weapons that were not just knives. Using these weapons in this time period was punishable by death in New York, and police officers patrolled the streets looking for people who were carrying brass knuckles. 
They are one of the oldest types of martial arts equipment and can be traced back to China during the seventh century. The first westerner to use them as a weapon was a traveler called Hans von Gärtner in 1788. In this same century, they were used as a self-defense measure by some Americans, particularly those who made their living on the road, such as bounty hunters. 
The main purpose for using brass knuckles was to make a tighter fist with which to punch a person. Thus, the victim would hit with much greater power. It is believed that they were first used as a weapon during the American Civil War. 
At the time, each state had its own rules for how people could carry weapons. Some states allowed people to carry knives and swords while others did not allow knives of any kind. However, knuckles were always legal in every state and they became popular among many people including soldiers and civilians alike. Here are the multiple uses of these knuckles!

1. Self Defense

The first and foremost usage of brass knuckles is for self defense. This metal-made weapon is quite brutal and powerful, and can inflict a severe injury. There are many reasons it is used for protection against the attackers.

First of all, it is easiest to carry because you don’t need to place it in your bag or purse. Also, you don’t need to carry it additionally in your pocket. Rather, you can actually. Whether you have one or a pair, they can be worn around the knuckles. So, your fists are equipped with the weapon, and there is no additional weight to carry.

self defense knuckle

Secondly, brass knuckles are effective as self defense weapons. They can inflict a serious damage to the attacker’s face. Don’t ignore training yourself first and learning how to correctly punch with them.

If you are aware of how to throw punches with the knuckle duster, you can easily get rid of the attacker by throwing a strong punch. There will be some serious power behind your punch that will leave blood pouring out of his mouth. This is enough for the attacker to step behind from you. So, you will get precious time to escape and survive the attack.

Knuckle Duster come in different designs, for example spiked brass knuckles, but the most intricately designed among them is the knuckle knife. It is a knuckle duster with a blade featured on it. The blade is perpendicular to the knucks and serves as a great self defense weapon. So, if your punch does not work, you can use the blade. However, both of them can be used to significantly enhance the damage.

2. Street Fighting

Brass Knuckles are often associated with street fighting, that means they are ideally used for gaining an upper hand in a street fight. Generally, when we talk about street fight, we don’t consider weapons, such as guns and knives. Instead, we are talking about kicks, punches, and slaps. Those who engage in street fight very often consider using a knuckle duster to end up winning the fight. We all have some annoying neighbors whom we love to punch as hard as we can. 

Imagine a punch with a bare hand, how damaging can it be? Well, there is some sort of injury that it may cause, However, when considering a punch with Knuckle Dusters, you can expect a severe damage with a metal-made weapon. You can win a street fight pretty easily by knocking your opponent down with a couple of punches. So, it serves as a handy weapon in street fight by improving the punching strength and inflicting severe injuries.

3. Fashion Accessory

One of the most common ways you can use real brass knuckles is as a fashion accessory. It has long been adopted as an item for expressing some fashion sense. As there are plenty of different designs, you can improve your style with stylish accessory. They provide a luxurious appeal to the wearers. They would look appropriate and appealing with almost every outfit.

For some fashionable gangsters, players, pimps and hustlers, it is a must-have accessory.

use of brass knuckles

In addition, they can be screwed in to make the buckles of belts. They are also featured in some stylish boots. You may have seen some people wearing such boots. Beyonce is one of the celebrities who loved wearing knuckle boots as a fashion wear. Also, there are people who use to wear them on their necklace and as a ring to be worn in four fingers. All in all, an amazing fashion accessory.

4. Auto Ornaments

This may seem odd to someone, but the Knuckle Dusters are quite common as vehicle ornaments. Specifically, some bikers are keen to put them on when riding their bikes. Also, the motorcyclists add them to their handles to make custom handle grips. Similarly, the car owners are often eager to use them as cool ornaments for their cars.

There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. So, you can select the one matching your scheme. They can be used as hood ornaments and can be hung from the mirror. Also, you can mount them on the steering wheel of your car, replace the brake release handles and use them as door handles. So, if you are creative enough, there are hundreds of ways to use them as the auto ornaments.

5. Punching Practice

Another very strange use of brass knuckles is for practicing punches. Well, you may have your heavy bags for punching practice with your bare hands. But, here is something more advantageous. When you punch on your bag, you can’t improve your aim because you simply don’t know where you are hitting. Punching with knuckles would help improve your target hitting or aiming.

Brass knuckles

Many people tend to take a light bag where metal-made knucks can cause some damage. At times, they encircle the target and figure out by punching how often they are hitting the right target. It is important for you to hit the right spot on the face of the attacker to cause maximum damage. Hence, this way of practicing punches is more useful.

6. Breaking Glass

Brass Knuckles works efficiently as a survival weapon. Not just against the attackers, but also in harsh conditions. Many users put them on just to survive in emergency circumstances. For instance, you often find yourself in a situation where you need to break the glass to escape.

A knuckle duster can easily break the glass, if you know the capability of metal as a material. If your building catches fire, you can punch the glass of the window to break it into pieces and make way for you and your mates to escape and survive.

7. Smashing Ice

As Brass knuckles are extremely powerful, they can be used to smash ice. At several occasions, you need to crush ice, and your knucks enable you do that with ease. I often struggle pulling out ice from the refrigerator when it is freezes hard. This is where i us my knuckle duster to smash and extract the ice out of the fridge in a simple and easy manner.

8. Opening Bottles and Packages

Considering the packages first, you can punch the package to open it using your Knuckle Dusters. Secondly, you can open bottles with them. The modern designs of knuckle duster incorporate bottle opener as well.

The bottle opener is not featured on all of them, but to a few designs. So, if you don’t have anything to open the bottles, you can use your knucks for opening them.

9. Cosplay

Well, I hope many of you won’t be surprised by the use of brass knuckles as cosplay weapons. However, if you think it’s strange, let me make this simpler and easier for you. If you are replicating or adopting some badass character in the cosplay, you must have a knuckle duster worn around your fists.

Similarly, if you are playing the character of a gangster, your costume is incomplete unless you wear them. If you have played GTA Vice City game, the main character Tommy wears them while he is attempting to be a gangster.

Popular wrestlers often wear brass knuckles, John Cena, William Regal, Chris Jericho, and Ric Flair, just to name a few. If you are playing such characters, knuckles are essential to be worn around your knuckles. So, one of your LARP needs when playing some badass characters.

10. Paperweight

Brass knuckle paperweight

Another popular uses of brass knuckles is paperweight. They can be very handy when it comes to using them as paperweights. Since they are made of metal, they are often weighty. When placed on the papers, they would hardly move. So, don’t let your papers and documents blow away in a strong breeze by placing Knuckle Duster over them.

Brass Knuckle - The Most Diverse Multipurpose Tool!

Hence, these were the 10 different ways you can use brass knuckles. This determines how comprehensively featured is this incredible weapon. These uses take me to the conclusion that brass knuckle is cool weapon you must always wear, provided its benefits.

It can be your perfect collectible if you are a real enthusiast! Get a pair of knuckles now and avail all the uses it offers. It is your cosplay weapon, emergency tool, paperweight, decor item and self defense weapon; all in one!