Individuals often think of a flip knife as a buy worthy tool that can potentially serve as an exemplary travel companion. However, this knife has several other distinctive utilities in your life.

This article sensibly throws light on almost all that you may do by making use of this unique weapon. Simply go through this article once and you will be amazed to know about the versatility of this splendid weapon. So, let us now help you tour the hidden world of a flip knife.

Interesting Uses of A Flip Knife:

To be honest, this knife has infinite uses in your life. Some of the most interesting ones are listed below in detail.

1. Throwing Weapon:

The first and foremost purpose behind the creation of this knife is to make it able to serve as an effective throwing weapon. This knife serves this purpose slightly better than other knives of this kind.

Honestly, the lightweight and compact size of this knife contribute the most in awarding it with this feature. Martial art performers also admire this knife for its competence as a throwing knife.

2. Glass Breaker:

The sharp blade pointed edge of a flip knife can easily be used to break the glass. It thus serves as a valuable tool in case of an emergency situation. Firefighters and the members of several rescue teams often keep this tool with them all the time. The best part is that doing this task with this knife is not a challenging task at all.

3. Paper Cutter and Sharpener:

Working individuals can sometimes run out of office stationery. Under these circumstances, they can easily rely on a flip knife resting in their pockets. From serving as a paper cutter to sharpening a pencil lead, this knife can effortlessly help you. Isn't it an amazing thing to consider?

4. Varying Locking Systems:

Experts claim that you can fold a flip knife in three distinct ways given below.

    1. Slip joint lock
    2. Lock Back
    3. Linear and Frame Locks

Most of these knives support all three of the above-mentioned locking systems. All these depend upon the changing angle between the dull and sharp ends.

5. Tool for Military Personnel:

Most of the people are not aware of its utility as a valuable tool for Military Personnel. It is, in fact, an essential part of a defensive kit given to military knife, navy and intelligence officials. Yes, it is absolutely suited to serve this purpose. You can even think of this blade as a power tool without which the defensive kit would stay incomplete.

6. Valuable Gift Item:

Weapon lovers admire this knife even more than a precious jewel. They consider this as a blessing bestowed upon them and are thus most likely to love it as a gift Item. If you are having a weapon lover in your circle, you really need to consider this option. This knife is equally admired by people belonging to all age groups.

7. Surface Scraper:

The utility of a weapon majorly depends upon the sensibility and creativity of its user. I have seen individuals using these knives to scrape dirt and stubborn sticky patches from a surface.

The razor-sharp blade together with the pointed edge can make this possible. It certainly means that it can even help you while you are on a mission to deep clean your space. What else could you wish for?

8. Screw Driver: 

If in case you are in need of a screwdriver and it is nowhere around you, use this knife instead. It will never disappoint you. Hence, you will have to be extra careful when performing this stunt. All you have to do is to fix its pointed edge within the mouth of the screw and rotate it.

It seems tricky but it is quite doable. A sensible person will not find it a difficult task at all.

9. Home Décor:

People even use this knife as a home decor item. The royal and classy design together with the finish of its construction truly adds charm to your space. If you are also planning to do something of this sort, a good idea is to get it framed. It will save the weapon from dirt and rust.

You must now be tempted to give this knife a buy at your earliest convenience.

10. Weapon Collection:

Even though a huge variety of a flip knife is available in the worldwide market, this knife is an outclass item. Therefore, weapon collectors are always intrigued to make it a part of their weapon collection. The simplicity and perfection of this knife capture their heart and secures and irreplaceable place over there.

Yes, this ordinary-looking knife can assist you in all the above-discussed matters. Now, you must be thinking that how to choose a durable weapon of this sort. If yes, we have got you covered. The three most important tips to choose a durable knife are listed below.

    • The Material of Construction:
Knives constructed out of a poor material do not last a lifetime.

    • Type and Material of Blade:
Choose a corrosion-free stainless steel blade. Serrated blades are sometimes also preferred.

    • Reviews:
Surf online and choose products with five-star reviews.


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