cool self defense products

We are all living in a world full of uncertainties. It is best to be prepared than to be sorry. It is never too late to buy a weapon that might save your life (as dramatic as it sounds). Here is our guide to navigate through range of self defense products out there. Hope you find the right one for you. 

1 - Brass Knuckle

First and most obvious self defense product on our list here is a brass knuckle. Don't worry, you don't have to be a pro boxer or training in  hand to hand martial arts to wear a pair of knuckle duster or at least keep them with you on a night out.

A solid brass knuckle must fit well into your knuckles so double check the size of knuckle rings before purchasing this self defense product. Don't worry about using a knuckle loaded fist on your attacker as most probably it won't cause any lethal injury to him.

In order to perfectly confront the aggressor, make sure you are using this self defense product correctly. Keep a right posture-meaning tilt a little to one side and keep one foot forward and both knees a little bent.

Next, you need to make sure your punches don't take a toll on you. Throw quick fist jabs rather than 180 degree straight thrusts. This angle will transfer the force from your body to your knuckles. Brass knuckle will then concentrate it onto its pointed wedges atop each knuckle ring to magnify the force of your punch. This self defense product requires skill.

2 - Pen Knife

Next self defense product on our list is not as brash and heavy handed as our first one. A pen knife is a delicate little hidden self defense weapon for the ultra sophisticated people who shiver at the mention of carrying a mere knife.

But this clever self defense product side steps the awkwardness as well as the discomfort of carrying a weapon by being cleverly concealed inside a pen. Why worry about hiding your knife when you can proudly display it sitting in your pen holder at the office?

With a functional nib, you can sign your papers with this self defense product but in case of a sudden attack, the pen knife (perfect for a pocket) can be disengaged from its pen cover to reveal a hidden blade-all within a matter of seconds. How cool and convenient is that!

When it comes to hidden self defense products, we say a pen knife is right up there with any weapon characters in Mission Impossible franchise would use. So why not jump on the coolness bandwagon and get your own pen knife?

3 - Sword Cane

Talking about hidden self defense products, the next thing on our list is an epitome of grace and practicality. People from all age groups can get away with holding a sword cane. A sword cane looks just like an ordinary walking cane except that it has a hidden sword inside the hollow shaft.

This is a perfect self defense product for elderly. As the sword cane is a suitable walking aid on your evening stroll. A mugger might think of you as too frail to retaliate and the fact that you could be armed would never even cross him.

So shock him with revealing the true nature of your walking stick by tugging on the head of the cane and taking out a thin rapier style sword out of your self defense product.. Now his knees will go weak and he will be running in the opposite direction cursing himself for having chosen a wrong target.

For young people, a sword cane is an ideal aid for trekking or hiking. It provides ample support especially when venturing through snowy landscapes. The wilderness is where you most need a self defense product. So carry it for protection, or use the sharp blade for cutting across tree branches or chopping wood.

4 - Pepper Spray

Why is it no surprise that pepper spray is included in the list of top self defense products? Since pepper spray is already so popular, we will not cry out its praises but give you more information as to how to make the best use of it.

The best type of pepper spray varies across situations but we recommend getting one with greatest range and lowest chance of a blowback. You don't want your self defense product harming you so pick a perfect spray that would avoid just that.

Ideally, a foam or a gel pepper spray is considered best because of the thick viscosity of the OC compound in the pepper spray bottle. These pepper sprays can penetrate the smokiest of air and will project out as far as 20ft or more. You don't want to get near the intruder if you have a self defense product that can attack him from that far away.

The irritant OC mixture in foam and gel pepper sprays also tends to stick to the target's body for longer. The more he tries to rub it off him the more it hurts and seeps further into the skin. This self defense product, when squirted right, will give you plenty of escape time as the target is sure to yelp away in pain.

5 - Mini Stun Gun

Stun guns have to be the most popular and effective self defense products these days. Although mostly used by law enforcement officers as a non lethal restraining weapon, ordinary folks these days seem to like carrying it for self defense.

A mini stun gun is not as powerful or swift as a high quality taser used by authorized officers but for a common man or woman, this self defense product is ideal for safety in their daily lives. Mini stun guns are shaped like everyday objects which are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand and can be carried out without anyone noticing the spikey electrodes.

A mini ring stun gun, keychain stun gun as well as flashlight stun gun are all easy enough to conceal and carry. Since stun guns only work when directly in contact with a person's skin, you will defend yourself when the attacker is really close. This hidden self defense product will take the target by surprise. 

Even before the millions of volts start being ejected from the stun gun into his body, he will be stunned. Ideally, you must keep this self defense product plunged into the body for a few seconds for a perfect zap. Mini stun guns also are really noisy. When you just want to raise an alarm, use the alarm switch to ward off anyone.

6 - Lipstick Knife

Did we warn you that this list will take you into the realms of spy novels and female ninja? Well, buckle up because the next self defense product is designed to do just that. A hidden knife is clever enough as an idea but a knife hidden inside a lipstick-now that is throwing the ball out of the park.

A perfect self defense product for women, a lipstick knife subverts the concept of a lipstick as a feminine, innocent and weak thing. Turning the concept of a cosmetic wearing women as an easy target, this hidden blade will show any man that unsolicited attention will not be tolerated in the 21st century.

All you have to do is keep this self defense product at hand at all times-which we presume is easy enough. A flick of the cap or a twist will dislodge the hidden 1" long blade that is enough to deter an unsuspecting assaulter. Hey, this is loads better than having no blade on you.

The lipstick knife will get rid of the anxiety that clouds each woman's mind as soon as they step out of the house. Make your nights out fun and worry-free and take a deserted road for a walk back with zero stress by getting this self defense product for yourself and your girl gang.

7 - Collapsible Baton

You have only seen police batons on television with the security officers using them for crowd control and to retrains someone in a non lethal fashion. Well, we are here to show you that a baton, or preferably a collapsible baton can be a handy and non lethal self defense product for ordinary citizens as well.

Collapsible baton is like your average wooden stick but made of metal. Now obviously, any hard stick can transform into a defense tool. With right tricks and timing, this self defense product might just save your life.

The best part of this expandable baton that it makes for a portable self defense product. A fully closed baton is about 10" in length-size of a knife. You can carry it in your car or tucked on your belt if you are feeling extra cautious. A flick of the tip will bring all shafts into a solid formation and a fully extended baton will be ready to tackle any attack.

You must make sure though that the attacker is not going to take the baton from your hands. Your self defense product in the attackers hand is the worst possible scenario. Take bojutsu lessons if you must practice the art of stick fighting but keep the baton with you as it is better than nothing.

8 - Kubaton

Kubaton is a cool and common self defense product that most people take for granted. This may be due to the fact that this killer keychain stick has no blade or electrodes to flaunt. But that doesn't mean that it is any less of a weapon. With the right technique you can become a kubaton expert and put your attacker into some serious pain.

The kubaton is probably the most easy to carry self defense product in this list. We all carry our car and house keys with us at all times. Add to the bunch a metal stick, you practically have a weapon on you even as you bend down to unlock your car.

This is when most attackers think you are in the most vulnerable position and distracted. What they don't know is that you have a self defense product right in your hand that very instant. When he attacks you in that moment, you can quickly grab the kubaton with the finger ring still hooked in your finger, and hammer the hell out of him.

It is best to get a kubaton with a pointy end as it causes more pain and quickly releases you off the troublemaker. This cheap self defense product is a one time buy and lifetime worth of no regret.

9 - Lipstick Stun Gun 

Our last two self defense products are variants of the products we have already mentioned. The lipstick stun gun is a perfect self defense weapon for women. As a woman, you don't have to carry a bulky stun gun. You need something more feminine and light to carry as you will be more inclined to carry it if you like your weapon.

A lipstick gun is a small self defense product that can unleash two deadly electrodes in a jiffy. All you need is to take your 'lipstick' out, wait for the assailant to get close enough and Boom! He will be dizzy for a long time. Gift this to your gals and let everyone enjoy the stunning effects of this hidden weapon.

10 - Knuckle Knife

Last but not the least, we have a knuckle knife a self defense product that is one step up from an ordinary brass knuckle. If you want some extra security on you, or you aren't confident in your punching skills, it is best to go with a brass knuckle with a hidden blade.

Knuckle knife has a 2" thin knife hiding in the palm rest of your average knuckle duster. If the guy is too big to take on, or he is armed with a blade himself, you won't regret having this self defense product with you. Trust us-a blade never fails.

Do you agree with our picks? What are your favorite self defense products? Head over to the website to browse through all these amazing products at affordable prices right now.